A few tricky riddles

Can you solve this



Fill in the boxes with the following numbers


You can also repeat the number





Next riddle

There are a group of children in a class a new person comes and asks the teacher how many children are there the teacher says guess she gives clues

  • get the amount of the children and double it
  • Then add its half
  • then add its quarter
  • then if the new person comes there will be a 100 people so add 1 and it will be a 100




Another riddle

There is a truck full of brick that truck can only carry 40 grams right now he is carrying 40 grams the truck is crossing a bridge which also carry’s 40 grams as the truck is crossing the bridge a bird sits on the truck but the bridge doesn’t fall why



Last but certainly not least

20 children jump in a swimming pool       but when they come out there are twentyfour heads why       THE ANSWER IS NOT THERE WERE FOUR CHILDREN ALREADY IN THE POOL.


answer these questions in a comment




  1. julia4d says:

    The 2nd clue I think the answer was 99

  2. Miss Dunleavy says:

    Hi Fatima. Struggling to solve the first riddle. All the numbers, which I can add to find 30, are odd. If I add three odd numbers I will always get an odd number. Can you offer any tips?

  3. Miss Dunleavy says:

    Hi again Fatima. Your last riddle – twenty foreheads!

  4. Miss Dunleavy says:

    Hi Fatima, it’s me again. First riddle – decimal numbers have helped me! One way to solve it is 1.3 + 13.7 + 15 = 30.

    1. fatima3 says:

      Well done!!!!

  5. Menahil Imran says:

    Fantastic Fatima the answer for the 3rd riddle was the bird dropped some of the bricks I think .

  6. Menahil Imran says:

    Is the answer to the last riddle 24 foreheads

    1. fatima3 says:

      no 20 foreheads

  7. refal says:

    Is a bit hard Fatima.I could not work it out.

    1. iram says:

      Faith 5DT
      [I am working with Iram because I don’t know my password]

      The first riddle is not possible without using decimals as Miss Dunleavy said, but the numbers you gave us were not decimals so concluding to the fact that the first riddle is not possible.

      Your second riddle im not sure because I think its a bit too tricky!

      The third riddle im also not sure!

      And the last riddle as Miss Dunleavy said twenty foreheads! I found this quite funny!

  8. mujtaba says:

    Fatima its to hard

    maybe I will do it next time

  9. mujtaba says:

    Fatima the third one must be 23 foreheads I think

    1. fatima3 says:

      20 forheads

  10. mujtaba says:

    Are you going to tell us the awnser ?

  11. mujtaba says:

    Can you give me a clue

    1. fatima3 says:

      sorry i can’t

  12. Abdul5DT says:

    last riddle is 20 forheads! cannot work out other riddles!

    1. fatima nauman says:

      i would give you a clue but i can’t

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