Dawuds diffrenr story of the fox

Once upon a time there was an kangaroo that lost its poor mum so he went to his freind parrot so them two posted some posters saying lost my mum called miss kangaroo reward 9000 pounds and an swegway so parrot and poor kangroo went all ouround the world.Exept russia and japan it only took them 900000000 days. so then kangroo said “are you sure parrot someone will find my kind,helpfull mum” and parrot said”yes i am really sure that someone will find your mum” so they went for an 400 killometre walk around the desert so they bought an boat… So they went to tokyo and so many people wanted there outograph becaus they made justin beiber what do you mean.kangroo and parott booked an hotel because they need to find there mum there.In the morning they looked in the peoples room and suddently… One guy said” i i i i ffound your MUM!!!!!!” And then kangroo said” wich hotel number” then the guy said” number 456″so they went to the number and kangroo… Found her MUMM so then kangroo gave the perso an swegway and 9000 pounds the end

From Dawud xxx


11’s Time Table
















  1. Eleven’s time table is so easy because you just have to add 1 to the tens and to the units as well.
  2. If you times any  n° for example 11×10=110 you just add the 0 and if you look  from 11×13 till the end  that the  units and the tens are going up by 1.

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A few tricky riddles

Can you solve this



Fill in the boxes with the following numbers


You can also repeat the number





Next riddle

There are a group of children in a class a new person comes and asks the teacher how many children are there the teacher says guess she gives clues

  • get the amount of the children and double it
  • Then add its half
  • then add its quarter
  • then if the new person comes there will be a 100 people so add 1 and it will be a 100




Another riddle

There is a truck full of brick that truck can only carry 40 grams right now he is carrying 40 grams the truck is crossing a bridge which also carry’s 40 grams as the truck is crossing the bridge a bird sits on the truck but the bridge doesn’t fall why



Last but certainly not least

20 children jump in a swimming pool       but when they come out there are twentyfour heads why       THE ANSWER IS NOT THERE WERE FOUR CHILDREN ALREADY IN THE POOL.


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Renewable and non renewable energy

Renewable energy

Renewable energy is when the energy can be used again and again. The three types of renewable energies are hydro, solar and wind. Solar energy is when solar panels get the heat from the Sun and turn it into electricity, so that’s how we get electricity. Solar energy never runs out because the Sun is heating it all the time. Solar energy gives us 10% of our overall energy. Wind energy is when a wind  turbine is spinning it’s blades and the magnets inside of it spin around too. This is wind energy. Wind energy gives us 40% of our overall power. If there is no Sun or no wind one day then that’s when hydro energy comes in. Hydro energy is when a flowing river or stream goes down a pipe and then a water turbine spins the water around and creates electricity.This gives us 50% of our energy.

Non renewable energy

Most of our electricity comes from power stations that use fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas to make the energy. This is called non renewable energy because you can’t make any more of it and it will eventually run out. Unfortunately, burning fossil fuels produce gases like carbon dioxide and methane which may cause global warming.


A magic wood part 2 ……………………………………………!

So either one it was their was something strange about it ………………………………………….” Joe should we go in” whispered Beth. ” Lunch time !” Yelled mum at the other side of the garden. ” Coming ” replied the 3 children. They came inside the house and sat at the table thinking about the same thing which was that they were going to go to the woods and no one could stop them. Suddenly there was a knock on the door it was dad he had just come back from his new job. He sat down and said in a suprised voice” I work for several people and every single one of them said there is a wood across our garden called the enchanted { magic } wood. No one know’s why its called that because anyone who went in has never come out !” the 3 children were not listening all they heard was it was called the enchanted wood which made them want to go into the woods even more.They went to bed. In the morning they got dressed and without saying anything headed outside towards the garden but just before they went their mum gave them a picnic basket to take with them. They rushed to the big, black gate and went through………………………………………….They saw an old oak tree they decided to have their picnic there s they sat down under the tree and began to eat. ” Look over there!” Shouted Frannie pointing to a patch of green grass with 6 mushrooms growing automatically with no help. Suddenly they heard footsteps  they quickly hid as fast as lightning behind some bushes. They didn’t want anyone to know they were there. Joe peered through the bushes and saw 6 little men. They were elves ! The elves sat on the mushrooms and began talking one of the elves had a bag he dropped it next to the mushroom he was sitting on. It was then that they saw a figure appear it was much bigger than the elves and it took the bag. ” Did you see that.” Said Joe. ” Yes” said Beth and Frannie . ”I am not going to let that thief get away.” And before Beth could stop him he was chasing that thief deep into the woods. The creature finally gave up and climbed a tree, which was very tall, and let go of the bag. Joe bravely picked it up and gave it to the elves. Thank you the elves said but just as they were about to say your welcome a hand touched their back……………………………………………



My WWI poem



Bang, Bang, Bang, 

                                                                              The bombs are dropping from all the war gangs,

                                                                      People crying weepily, a the larks were singing beautifully, 

                                                                        As soldiers were still fighting for their country bravely, 

                                                                                                     We were all once loved,

                                                                          But all we see now is blood from all who were cared,

                                                                           We can’t reverse time because now we’re in WAR!

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Fox blurb by Junres

Fox is a cruel,red character , at the end he broke up dog and magpies friendship.Once in a pitch black night there was a magpie, who has a burnt wing, dog tried to help magpie, but she refuses.The next day dog tells magpie”Hop on my back”magpie did what she was asked.Dog had a missing eye, but he can still see suddenly a fox who had a rich,red coat appears through the bushes.What will happen next ?…


The golden eagle


The golden eagle prefers open areas with no trees . Because of the climate in western Scotland, these upland conditions are present down to sea level and golden eagles are found in places lower , than in central Scotland. Golden eagles are sensitive to human disturbance and build their nests in bare places. Their territories range in size from 5 – 150 km2. In some areas of Scotland, the breeding density is in the highest in the world and territories are very small. Golden eagles in Scotland do not go traveling and will remain in their breeding territories throughout the year. Young and non-breeding birds avoid occupied territories in their search for suitable breeding


Golden eagles take 3 years to reach maturity and normally do not start breeding until they are 4 – 5 years old. The breeding season continues almost all year. The females starts to lay 1 – 3 eggs in early to mid April and keeps them warm for about 43 days.


When they are hatched, the young spend 9 – 11 weeks in the nest before making their first flight. More often than not, only one chick will survive to leave the nest. It is still not fully understood whether this is because of a lack of food or competition between the young birds.
Young birds will remain in their parents’ territory into the early winter months, begging for food for as long as the adult will continue to feed them. In birds of prey, up to 60 – 70% of all young that leave the nests will not survive their first winter. This figure is probably significantly lower for large raptors such as golden eagles, but a young eagle faces a life or death struggle through its first winter. After surviving that first year, a young eagle may well then live for more than 20 years.

Golden eagles will take any prey that is available, from small birds to snakes. In Scotland, they prefer hares and grouse, and sometimes rabbits. In coastal areas, they prefer fulmars to gulls.



All about sharks

Sharks are a very incredible animals.Sharks hunt down there pray by swimming rapidly behind them.Like other sharks, the skin of a Great White is very tough and studded with tiny, tooth-like scales called “dermal denticles”. Dermal denticles protect the skin from damage and are replaced continually. Each individual denticle has a flat, table-like crown that has a series of raised ridges. These ridges reduce the drag and noise generated by a shark’s swimming movements, enabling the Great White to glide efficiently in ghost-like silence.The eyes of a Great White are relatively large and well developed. The retina (light-sensitive tissue lining the back of the eyeball) of this species contains both rods and cones in a similar ratio to that of humans (about 4 to 1). This suggests that the Great White is highly visual and has acute color vision. Although different parts of its retina are adapted for bright and dim light conditions, it is believed that the Great White is primarily a daytime hunter.The sharks are very intelligent just like squids

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How does a giraffe adapt to its habitat?

Long, tough tongues enable the giraffe to pull leaves from branches without being hurt by the thorns during feeding. They have amazing strong tongues which allow them to hold branches by wrapping their tongues around the branches) There tongues are up to 18 inches long. Giraffes only sleep for 20 minutes rather than all night that’s because lions, tigers and all wild animals can sneak up on them and eat them, they can be wide awake to see when a wild animal is going to eat them. The reson they have long necks is because they can reach inside and the top of trees to eat leafs and all others.

These giraffes only live in Africa all around. Giraffes only survive in hot places not cold like Antarctica.




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