Bowker Vale’s very own 100 Word Challenge week 1

Each week there’ll be a new writing prompt. You have 100 words to create the story, description or whatever else you choose it to be.

Here is the first prompt.


Remember you have 100 words!

Good luck.


  1. Luke Rowland Travis says:

    One day a boy was playing out on the street and he was riding round up and down the field. All of a sudden he dropped through a deep dark hole and realized he was in a dark gloomy, dull tunnel.
    Has he started riding down the tunnel he got hotter and hotter.
    At the end of the dark tunnel was a big pit of lave with Dragon nearby chained down to the bottom of the pit.
    The boy got to the end of the tunnel and he screamed when he saw the dragon because he did not know it was bolted down. This is why he was feeling hot because of the dragon and lava.
    The dragon looked like he was the horriblest thing in the world but when you got close he was not and he was just lonely.
    The dragon was magic and started talking to him and said I am not a horrible dragon I am innocent and lonely and sit here all day doing nothing.
    The boy said I do not really trust you but will take a few steps closer.
    the dragon said “If you don’t believe I am nice, that is why I brought you here”.
    The boy said “why would you do that”.
    The dragon replied “Im just a lonely dragon and brought you here because I want company”.
    The boy and the dragon sat for over an hour about there lives and how they live.
    The boy said he would have to go home but will come and see the dragon again soon.
    The end

    1. joanna1 says:

      That is an amazing story and I would like to read more.
      For the first speech you could put speech marks (” “) but overall it was fantastic!

    2. Mrs Griffin says:

      Wow Luke, you have created a really clear picture in my mind! I especially liked your description of the tunnel and what the boy found at the end. Try to start your sentences in lots of different ways, rather than ‘The’, it will make your story even more interesting for the reader.
      Mrs Griffin

    3. elisa says:

      Wow thats a lots of words

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