Learning is good for you, you have lots of knowledge you will get full marks on your tests. When moving on to sats that is when it gets hard for you. Unless you study the first hard question you see will be so easy. Also as day passes you will be 20 years old, you will get to get a job, buy a house, have a lovley life and sit outside in the streets. So make sure you listen to your teachers and you will finally get a nice job. However when you get a job you don’t fight with bosses.




In Flanders Field (homework)

In Flanders Field , the poppies mourn

During night , day and dawn

We fought in the conflict bravely

Short days ago we lived, loved and felt rain kiss our cheeks daily

Now we lie In Flanders Field


We heard birds sing

Saw faces cringe 

Now we lie In Flanders Field


Stand in victory , be proud 

Stand on top of the mound 

Make us feel our best 

Even better than the rest 

We stood proud

Now we lie In Flanders Field





Quick everyone! Carbon Queen is here!!!! She’s warming up the Earth!We need to stop wasting energy[electricity]! Soon the Earth will be too hot to live on and we can’t move to Mars! WHY? It needs oxegen !

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Bowker Vale’s very own 100 Word Challenge week 1

Each week there’ll be a new writing prompt. You have 100 words to create the story, description or whatever else you choose it to be.

Here is the first prompt.


Remember you have 100 words!

Good luck.


Using Explain Everything to show our written methods understanding

Every year, one of the earliest things to check is how the children use written methods for the four operations. Most times you get to see whether they can actually do the methods and get the right answer from the work in their books.

But how do we know where their level of understanding of these actually is?

We used Explain Everything for the children to create some examples of questions that would require a written method. From here, they had to complete the written method as they would normally using the pen and pointer tools, but also recording themselves, so that they could explain to parents or other children exactly what they were doing and why.

It helped to give us a better insight into where their true understanding was by listening to the recordings and any general misconceptions too. It also meant that the usual written methods lesson ‘came alive’ and had a greater purpose for the children.

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Weekend Task…

What can you tell me about Lucy Bronze? She is our VIP on Monday!

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