My exellent holiday

During the holidays, For the last 2-3 weeks I spent my time in Birmingham to meet the new baby! when I arrived, we had to rest right after an hour. One of the babies were screaming for half an hour because he was scared or was just fasinated


my six weeks holiday

I was going to the park and when I got there I played on the giantslide and I was playing with nerf with my brother.1 Day later I went to my friends house and played with his dog called maxy after 20 mins we played his xbox 360 then we played his toys like lego and cars with remodes then I had a sleepover with him.4 days later I got a pc and played it for 2 hours.

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I didn’t really go anywhere special because me new brother was born 2 weeks ago. But we did visit some places like lake district and heaton park most of the times I stayed at home and played fifa however I sometimes  got bored of it.At lake district I went on a boat and it was really fun I would love to go there again.

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My Summer Holidays 2015!!

In the summer holidays, I went to Oludeniz in Turkey. We went to the Fethiye market ( Fethiye is a city), a wonderful waterpark and we spent  time in our hotel pool. Our hotel was called Hotel Majestic and we saw other shops as well!

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my six week holiday

In my six week holiday I went to grandmars . first we went to a huge lake and took the dogs. Then we walked a bit further a started to skimed some stones it was a great day and lots of fun.


my 6 weeks holidays

In my six weeks holidays I got my yellow belt in martial arts it was fun but I was nervous it took us about half an hour to get there and we then had to  wait.