What do you think we should put on the grassy area?


  1. elisa says:

    We could put a big slide on it

    1. iram says:

      that’s a good idea I love playing on swings

    2. iram says:

      I ment slides

  2. iram says:

    we can put swings there

  3. Adrian says:

    We coude put a tree hous.

  4. Adrian says:

    We could put a climbing frame

  5. Adrian says:

    We could put a see saw.

  6. julia1 says:

    we could put a shelter like a den

  7. mohammadg says:

    We can put an artificiel grass like we got on top pith.

  8. refal says:

    We can put a round about.

  9. satam says:

    I think we should put swings.

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