Are you reading every day?

What is the title and who is the author of your favourite ever book?



  1. jakub1 says:

    Dick and Dom’s
    Joke Book

  2. bijou says:

    I am reading, What are we fighting for?

  3. julia1 says:

    In class we have story time its my favourite book

    Roald Dahl
    Gorges marvellous medicine

  4. Abdul5DT says:

    im reading allot of books! I remember that in my reading record i have read 89 books! i read 2 hours evreyday

  5. refal says:

    In 4D at story time we read a book called gorges marvelous medicine if you want to see a picture of the book look down below.,204,203,200_.jpg
    Just press it.

  6. samir1 says:

    my favourite book is horrible histories annual 2015.

  7. Amna says:

    My favourite book is the boy in the dress by David Walliams

  8. satam says:

    My favourite book is The Raindear Girl by Holly Webb.

  9. bvhibah says:

    I adore reading and at the moment I am reading macolom its a wonderfull

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