My best week

My best part of the six weeks was going to Blackpool and going on the pleasure beach and I went on most of the rides my best ride was the Miami and the tango ice blast. Then we came home and went to the caravan and went to pleasure land in south port we went there for 2 hours and it was amazing. After that we got back to the caravan and went for a meal in a restraunt I had hunters chicken it was so delicious. On Friday I stayed at Lukes and me and were home on are own, so we got the pet rats and had a play with them. They are called Maddie and may Maddie is the shy one may just loves playing all day they are three month old.

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  1. haroon6w says:

    That sounds great Kade randomly I found my account was still logged in I’m not gonna log in again, say hi to Mr Worral and Mr De boer

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