one morning the humble king an the genourus queen were expecting a baby boy. At 3:oopm the queen (also known as queen Thimbaleena)  had a baby boy the king said we will have a grand ball to celebrate the birth of “prince auther!” “We will invite the unicorn gnowms (half unicorn half gnowm) too.

At the crack of dawn when the ball grew large,the 3 dwarf gnowms arrived coming with 3presents for Auther! The first one said “You will be good at hunting!” Then said the second one said “You will be handsome!” Suddently befor the third one could give his present a greedy,green with envy witch appeard said “You ugly dwarf when your 16 you will be a beast forever mwahHahahahhaa!!” ………….


  1. weaam says:

    well done!!!

  2. faizaan1 says:

    I really like your story abeera. keep up the good work!!!

  3. joanna1 says:

    A mix between Thumbelina, Princess Aurora and beauty and the beast! Love it!

  4. Miss White says:

    Great writing!

    Could you use other words for ‘said’? For example; if the king is excited about the birth of his baby boy, he could ‘exclaim’ this or ‘shout’ rather than just ‘said’

  5. isha2 says:

    I really like your story especially the part when the greedy green beast comes.

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