seeing the movie inside out and minions

On saturday i went to see the movie inside out it was so cool and my favriote character was joy! Even on friday (AFTER SCHOOL) i went to see the movie minions it was so funny and made me laugh so so much! My favriote character is stuart.



makeing pizza

First you will need bred and some vegtbels like chees,tmato and pepper.

Next put some stoth on and make shore you put chees on top.

thenĀ  put it in the oven for 50 secnds

now you can make it

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Venice (Italy)

Venice is a place with buldings

and it’s surrounded by water.

If you go to Venice you’ll

have to travel in a boat





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Next Year!

I am exited to be in year 4 can’t wait!!

I wonder what we are going to learn inĀ  year 4!

I can’t wait find out who my new teacher

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Itilan pizza

On Wedensday me and my class made itailan pizza and it was lovely. We put cheese and tomoto. it was yummy.

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when Nadeen left

3w have been a bit sad beacuse Nadeen left school.

i think she was a really good freind to have .

i think she had a great smile and a great laugh.

But no matter where she is she will still be in are hearts.

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Q. Whats your name?

A.Abdul old are you


Q.what is your nickname?

A.Abdul Sweety Pops

This is all the qushtions and awnsers ask me more in the comments below to ask me more Q and A so i can wirite it down! I know i sometimes make noises but i think maybe i should now stop doing it!

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