my build up to theseus and poisen wings

Luckly Theseus and king aeges asscaped and where in the confort of there own home . Then one day Theseus snuck out of the castil into king minoses home and found out something extrodanary! He found out that king minos holds a dangerous creater a poisen wings . poisen wings can eliminate you from egsistenc , lazer shoot you from his eyes , burn you , poisen you and turn into a swan to trick you . so don’t mess with king minos !


  1. Miss White says:

    Super writing Haleema. I like how imaginative you have been with what Poison Wings can do. Eliminate you from existence sounds scary! Remember to write in past tense if you are writing a story.

  2. hana1 says:

    Well done!Make sure you check your spellings,otherwise nobody will understand your writing.

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