when nadeen left

Nadeen was a help fulĀ  and funny girl.

She had a great laugh and great smile.

shes a great friend to have.


  1. malika says:

    very nice salman

  2. cieran says:

    wow very good work next time you can put more ajetive

  3. lauren2 says:

    that’s so cute Salman it was true about Nadeen that she was a funny girl and that she was very helpful. here is another fact, she was always sitting nicely on the carpit !

  4. faizan2 says:

    you are right salaman she was a nice girl

  5. nazim says:

    well done salman every thing is true

  6. bijou says:

    I am going to cry

  7. ali5 says:

    I miss Nadeen too

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