I would like to share my Japanese Haikus

1.An afternoon breeze

expels cold air,along with

the fallen fallen brown leaves

2.Cherry blossoms bloom

softly falling from the tree

explode into night

3.The warmth on my skin

fire falls beneath the trees

I see the sun set

4.Summer here again

music plays sweetly ,driffting

and life is renewed

5.A winter blanket

covers the Earth in repose

but only a dream

6.An ocean voyage

as waves break over the bow

the sea welcomes me

7.Take that break from class

get to the beach and relax

moments with friends last

Those were my Haikus about Spring and Summer !Comment which was your favorite Haiku 1 2 3 4 5 6 ,or 7!


my build up to theseus and poisen wings

Luckly Theseus and king aeges asscaped and where in the confort of there own home . Then one day Theseus snuck out of the castil into king minoses home and found out something extrodanary! He found out that king minos holds a dangerous creater a poisen wings . poisen wings can eliminate you from egsistenc , lazer shoot you from his eyes , burn you , poisen you and turn into a swan to trick you . so don’t mess with king minos !


Myopening to theseus and poisen wings!

On a golden , sunny land there lived two kings one king was nice and the other one was evil . the nice and genorus king was called king aegus . the evil king was called king minos . king aegus has a son called Theseus . Theseus , who is the prince of Athens knew that king minos was up to something . one day king minos , who has thounsends of slaves, peperd war for them . King aegus and Theseus were in danger…!

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all about the blue planet aquarium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Friday the 3rd of july we went to the blue planet aquarium.

it was really fun and we had session .

the session was about star fishes which we touched it and we touched it , some sharck teeth , a turtle shell and a spider crab.

after the session we had a walk round my favourite was the spider  section .

next we had lunch and we had sweets.

after that  we went  to a shark tunnel and we went to a play area .

That was one day of fun .




Blue planet aquarium!

On Friday 3a and 3w went to blue planet aquarium and 3w got to feel shark skin ,starfish.When we felt the starfish they felt goey and soft.Also when we had Lunch we got to sit on wobbly chairs and it so so fun! Also we went under the shark tunnel. Plus we went to the pirate play area.

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year 4

In year 4 we go swimming.I am exited to go to swimming because I  go swimming every Monday.


Story ideas

Hi I like blogging, but I don’t really have any ideas, so I was thinking of writing stories. If you have any story ideas, please write them in the comments. Thanks.


2p class assembly

2p class assembly was fantastic!

they even made us dance and mums ,dads to high school musical we’re all in this together.

And they did drama.

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2P`s class assemmbly

today was 2p`s  last class assembly .

I think it was fabiouls and they did a bit about  there memories and they did about the Victorians.

There class assembly  was great and I think they put a lot of effort .

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when nadeen left

Nadeen was a help ful  and funny girl.

She had a great laugh and great smile.

shes a great friend to have.