Our new computors

we all have new touch screen laptops. i like are new laptops beceus they have a biger screen and they are touch screen. me and all my friends like them they all are all spaced out.


  1. faizan2 says:

    I also like the new laptops

  2. joshua3 says:

    I like the new lap tops as well. Good writing but next time try and use capital letter at the beginning of your sentances.

  3. nazim says:

    well done Lilly but why do your friends like them?

  4. lauren2 says:

    Well done Lilymae.
    Next time maybe you could write a little more about the computers.

  5. lilymae says:

    thank you evry one for commenting on my work iwill write a littel bit more lauren and I will tell what my frends like nazim and I will do what josh said thank you agen

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