the clumsey mole

“What a beautiful, sunny day,” exclaimed the delited mole whilst, the sun twinkled in the sky like a shiney star, reflecting onto the floating river and, the birds futtered in the sky like a joyful buterfly enjoying the summer breeze. As the mole sat on the wooden boat ubove the river and relaxed peacfully, he had  woundered of into one of his jolly day dreams. ” what a amazing day,” remarked the mole joyfully.


  1. joanna1 says:

    I love your story and would like you to carry on . The first sentence was a little bit too long.

  2. grace7 says:

    Who that’s really good because you are a star

  3. iram says:

    your story is great but your first sentence was too long.And you forgot to write 5 sentences im not triying to be mean

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