My Trip To The Pet Shop

On Wednesday me and my family went to the pet shop.It was great I saw lot’s of different animals [except wild animals .] There was this cute capuchin and a hedgehog .I started to look at the parrot but I heard cute barks and I rushed to the pretty puppies glaring in my eyes. I held it’s paws the cute ,pink nose was cold . I liked it so I bought it I named it Cosmo.




  1. Mrs Jacques says:

    You are lucky! How exciting. Have a think about swapping the word ‘glaring’ – what could be a better word for this cute puppy?

  2. abdul4a says:

    Whats a cosmo sounds scary to me!

    1. Doa says:

      Its a name and it is not scary

  3. aafia1 says:

    ahhhh! how sweet

  4. aafia1 says:

    ohhhh! how sweet

  5. jugraj says:

    how sweet doa I like the name cosmo

  6. doa says:

    Thank you so much!

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