My Trip To The Pet Shop

On Wednesday me and my family went to the pet shop.It was great I saw lot’s of different animals [except wild animals .] There was this cute capuchin and a hedgehog .I started to look at the parrot but I heard cute barks and I rushed to the pretty puppies glaring in my eyes. I held it’s paws the cute ,pink nose was cold . I liked it so I bought it I named it Cosmo.




Fox Watch

Very exciting news to share! At 9.30am yesterday, out of 4D’s window I saw 3 fox cubs playing in our outdoor classroom! Everyone needs to be on fox cub watch and share any news or viewings on here!


My trip at the football museum!

On the 15th May 2015 5H went on a tram to the football Museum in town. The Class loved the tram especially me it was amazing not as amazing as the football museum. The best part about the football museum was where we got a card with a soldier who use to be a footballer. We had to find our card on the wall somewhere mine was hard because I didn’t have a photo on mine it was blank.

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Terry Callaghan’s visit !

Terry Callaghan came to talk to us about climate change and it was very interesting. We learnt lots about it and all the children improved their knowledge about climate change. We also learnt about ice cores, which can contain years of history from 10,000 years ago about how the atmosphere has changed!

He also won a Nobel Peace prize for his research on climate change in the Arctic!

by Kaitlyn and Aymen !


Year 6 super stars!

Well done to all our amazing Year 6 pupils who have been ‘Resilient Rangers’ this week as they completed their SATs. I have been really impressed with how well prepared you all were, how your positive attitudes and excellent behaviour for learning have ensured you are did your best. We can’t ask for any more than that. Remember though, SATs only measure a little bit. There is much more about you that SATs can never test. What a good friend you are, how you help each other, how you love getting lost in a book or creating a masterpiece! That’s the really important stuff. But SATs are important and well done for giving them your best shot!

Mrs Jacques x

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Next week is sats for year 6 and some of us are scared. We should try our best.

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100 Word Challenge week 31

Here in the UK we have just had the arrival of a royal baby. We have a princess and I’m sure her life will be just like a fairy story.

The prompt this week is a little different. I want you to choose your favourite fairy story and change it in some way. Please make sure it is suitable for young children to read.

Once your post is published, post your entry here:

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All about Y4a’s trip to the lowry!

Last week  our whole class went to the lowry to look at lowry’s paintings. We went there because we were learning about his paintings . so what we done in he start to get ready. we all went to the toilet.then got are coats.then miss appleyard was sorting out the other children’s dinners.when we had done all of that we got ready and went out side and walked to the bowkervale tram area.

When we had got to the right tram we went inside it and then had a space to lean on and hold on or even to sit on. after a couple of minuets we got out the tram and walked to the next tram area.(because we had to go on 2 trams in one day).When we had got on to the second tram we all went in and found a place to sit on. Then while we were on the tram and the tram stopped for the other people to come out.MR.Miat helped this old man and i think it was very kind of Mr.miat to do it so i think we have got helpful teachers in are class. After that,when the other people went it was are stop next.

When it was are stop we got out of the tram and calmly and Quietly.Until we made it TO THE LOWRY! When we went inside then upstairs to make are way to the paintings we were shocked what we had seen!!! It was the real L.S Lowry’s PAINTINGS! We saw Ann.And then a girl who was seen from the back and front.And L.S Lowry crying(painting mabey when his mother died). I did feel bad for Lowry though.Then later on,it was time for dinner we sat in  a big long line. after that, we went back into the paintings and we carried on looking.Then it was time to go so we all went and said good bye.And reached are destination at school and went home…… EXAUSTEDLY!!! We all had a great time there,but i wish i could go there again.


my trip to the lowry

on Monday 27 of April  year4d went on a trip to the Lowry.  We went there because it was related to are topic my Manchester. First we partner up and walked up Middleton road to the Metrolink. When we got there we sat down and looked at all the things passing by. Then we got of the first tram and went on the other tram when we got on it when we got there i looked around and there was millions of building we went in a big one. Are class went up the twisty stairs  to put are lunches there to eat later then went downstairs. when we got there we had a look at the pictures of l.s lowry pictures of humans  we even got to sketch some then we had dinner.After dinner we looked at pictures of l.s lowry building and sketch them. i had a really good time. my favorite part was sketching them. by Raees.


L.S Lowry abdullah homewerk

 Lowry  is a famous artest that makes his picturs out of mach stick men and mach stick cats and dogs  pluss men and wimmen  one day lowry was getting on the bus when he missed the bus and evry thing had changed and lowry was starting to paint and bekom  famous  2 years after lowry dieid a song was reales called machstick men and cats , dogs

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