Easter holidays

My Easter Holidays:

In the Easter holidays I went to the park and it was fun, especially as the sun was shinning. The sky was clear and everybody was enjoying themselves. Me and my family had a picnic there and played lots of fun games afterwards. We went on some rides and had a race, though I didn’t win. We went to a restaurant to eat, then we went to a sweet shop and went home.

The next day we went to the Trafford Centre and stayed out very late. I was very tired, so we sat in a bench for a bit and went back to the shops. On the way back home I almost fell asleep, but I decided to stay awake for a bit and play but then I fell asleep.  

    After that I went to town with my Mum and bought somethings that we needed. When I got home I relaxed in my bed because I was very tired. I had lots of fun in the Easter Holidays and hope to do this again.

By shefa6a

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Easter holidays PART 1

In the Easter holidays I had loads of fun.I’m going to tell you about everything I did over the holidays in parts,this is part one!



we woke up at the break of dawn to get ready for our journey. At around 8:30 AM we headed out for the train station (Piccadilly).when we arrived at the train station we all had breakfast.At 11:00 o’clock we boarded our train.The journey to about 3 and a half hours with a stop at Birmingham in the middle.Finnaly we arrived at Somerset.We met my nanna at the train station.My nana came back from Australia for a visit.When we got in her car we drove to the hotel.We stayed in a premier inn.We got checked in the went to my auntie carols house for the rest of the night.There was fun,laughter and tears!At around 1:00 o’clock we went to the premier inn for a great night sleep!!


The next day we went to my aunties,again,for breakfast as we had a busy day ahead of us. We were taking the dogs for a walk.my dog Bailey and my uncles dog Molly the colliee.After that we ate the most tastiest roast dinner ever made by my auntie carol.


unfortunately the next day we had to leave to go back to Manchester.We said our goodbyes and we cried ALOT!

The end


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My Easter holiday!

To kick off my holiday it was Easter! I ran down the stairs and saw three piles of eggs, one for me and one each for my brother and sister . We ate lots of chocolate eggs that day, however we shouldn’t have because we began to feel ill.

A couple of days later I went to my parents friends’ house because they had a baby! She was so small and she wore a little pink onesie. Every time my parents held her she started to cry ,however when I held she fell back to sleep!

A few days ago my parents bought me a bike. It was a mountain bike with gears and it was really tall, I could bearly get up onto it. Me and my dad went along a river behind a shop trees were everywhere and I could hear birds all around me. We went very far along main roads and other side streets.

At one point my friend William came for the day and we went to the little park I went on my new bike and they went on our Y flickers (a type of scooter) after we finished  we went to my house and had a water fight i chucked lots of water on them and sprayed them with lots of Aqua pistols.

I also when to the shop yesterday and got lots of new clothes and my brother went for a sleep-over and me and my sister watched a ‘ Wallace and Gromit the curse of the were rabbit’ which was very funny!

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My Easter Holiday: Go-karting

It was my cousin’s birthday (Jack) last Saturday ,so we decided to go to an amazing go karting place called Team Karting. It was very fun even though I came 2nd to last. I felt like I was a professional.

I made my brother spin out by hitting his back tire which sent him spinning out of control.

My cousin’s friends who came were Luke.H, Luke.R and Jake. (They all from this school)

Afterwards we went back to there house and had fun and something to eat.

My brother asked for a basket ball so I threw it up to him and it hit him straight in the face and I nearly broke his glasses.

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My Easter holiday

During my Easter holiday I went bowling with my mum and brother (I won). It Was just me and my brother because she was to chicken to play. After that we had a meal (Chinese)  yummy. A thew days later I went laser quest with my friend kaleem. We played for 15minutes (it was so tireing) I came 4th and he came 8th. Then we had kfc . And the other days I went to see My new little  cousin. But on Wednesday I went chill factor with my family. the building is very large. Also every where is snow or ice My favourite activitie was the icy slide fun and bumpy. later on (couple of days) I went to the drive thru cinema  what like a normal cinema but your in a car. And I watch the lego movie.

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App smashing to create Viking news reports

We’ve been app smashing again! This time combining Morfo, Green Screen by Do Ink and iMovie to create these news reports as if we were interviewing a Viking!

Firstly the children had to write an interview script to show some of the things that they had learnt about the Vikings. They then used the Morfo app to create a talking Viking image. They recorded each section from their script that the Viking had to say. Following that, we used our green screen and the app, Green Screen By Do Ink, to record our newsroom interviewer sections.

Finally, each clip needed to be put together in the correct order, so that it looked like one complete newsroom interview. This was achieved using iMovie.

Overall, it was an engaging way for the children to share their knowledge of what they had been learning about and provided quality engagement and motivation.

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Using Explain Everything to show our mental maths skills

In year 6, understanding when to use the different mental methods in Maths is vital. We have practiced them many times, but it is important that the children apply these methods accurately.

To support this, we used Explain Everything. The children were initially given a range of mental maths type questions and in their group of 4, had to decide on the method that should be used for each one. The class then moved around each groups and made any alterations that they thought necessary.

They then had to use Explain Everything to describe how they would solve it. This allowed us to clearly see the processes that each of us were using and exactly how we used the methods.


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Using iMovie to generate initial ideas about our book!

Before we actually read the book, Into The Forest, we looked at images from the text and predicted what order we thought they would come in as well as what was happening in each of them. It was a great way to generate ideas, using our imagination. We then used our iPads to take photographs and used iMovie to insert the images in the order we thought they came in and made voice recordings to describe what we thought was happening. The children then had to adjust the length of the image so that it stayed on the screen for the same amount of time as the voice recording.

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Easter celebrations

Among the fields of green are lots of rabbit holes,

sometimes (if your lucky) they will pop out of their home.

Inside the chicken coop with all the mother hens

there are lots of baby chicks 1,2,10!

In the village not far from here

the Easter celebrations are near

lots of chocolate eggs for me and you

and in the coop and on the field are lots off chicken and rabbit poo!


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Ninjas are my favourite   thing .The way that they move and always have a reason why they have to cover their face. When they have a sword on their back some people think their magicians when they pull out their swords. Most ninjas are in japan and in japan they make power rangers but the power rangers are ninjas that is the difference. Whilst the ninjas had used their super speed, then they used their hands and turned into a puff of smoke. I don’t know how they do it. Some people don’t know this but their is  colours for their ninja ranks. Black is the most powerful then it’s red then blue,yellow and that’s it. Even though everyone thinks that in power rangers red is the strongest it is true but ninjas believe that black is powerful one of all.


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