My Easter holidays

My Easter holidays were fun because I was watching tv and contacting my friends. I was playing with my roller  boots at  my Grandmas. I was playimg in the garden with my roller boots and I was was playing with them on the pavement. My roller boots were fun to play with. In the holidays I also watched Alvin and the chipmunks. I also watched the Spongebob movie  Sponge out of water in 3D.

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About my Easter holidays

On Thursday my family and I  went to Thorpe park (it’s in London).when we reached there we saw some amazing rides and they were really high and fast!!!     the first ride we sat on was a water ride,me and my mum sat on it ,it was like a boat it went higher and higher and then it went down really fast!!!!I was screaming loudly and then at the end we went straight in the water and I was all wet but it was a sunny ,so I was happy to be wet

There was a roller coaster that went up and down and up but it was really fast and we went on to another and another and at the end we stayed in a resort and it had lots of activities like ice skating and swimming and lots more and we stayed for 2 days

On Saturday we went to Blackpool and we went to the beach and we all made sand castles, wrote our names in the sand and we made lots o shapes Then we went on lots of rides and at the end we stayed in a hotel and it was really fun!

On monday i went to tuition to revise for my sats and we did lots of divisions ,multiplication,timestables,and lots more!at the end the good thing was our tuition teacher gave us lots of sweets.

On Tuesday I went to a fair in Bradford there some fast rides I sat on all of them and we had a lot of the end at 8 o’clock I went to the cinema and we watched Home

on Sunday we went to town and my mum and dad bought me a iPhone 6 plus I was so so so happy that day.

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My Easter Holidays

Over the Easter holidays I went to my friends brothers christening, and it was fun because me and my friend asked if we could be the DJ and we were allowed . But at first we didn’t know what to do, so we asked Paul       ( the person who knew what to do),and he told us so we were taking song requests. After that we went out side and we were doing some other things. At about 7O’clock I went to by dads and I slept there.

On Easter Day I woke up and went down stares and I got my Easter eggs, but there was loads, but sadly I don’t have a lot left now .

On the Monday after Easter me and my mum went shopping and I got some clothes and some shoes we also got some food when we was there because we was there for hours .

The next week Me and my sister went to Wales with my stepdads mum and we got there Monday night so when we got there we whatched TV and then we went to bed . The next day we went to a peer and we went into a  shop and we got some shells . Later that day we went up Snowdon for dinner and it was nice . The next day the weather was bad so We was making a birthday wall and that was fun, but later that day the weather was nice so we went to the beach. On Thursday we went to a farm and I held a really cute bunny it was also so cute . On Friday we was packing and we went home. When we got home I got changed and we went for a meal for my stepdads birthday .

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Easter fun!

At the start of the Easter holadays my uncle got married on a Sunday fesaval  then we went to heaton park and when it was Easter I ate all my eggs in one day then I drank cola then didn’t sleep for tow days. Then my cushion came to visit  us and  had a sleep over. After that I  did some revision in mathes and English then I went out to play.

Then I went to the shop and I bought chiken, pencali case, fish and chips. Then i went  to  piono lessons  the I went to  Chill factor and I was really cold at first then got womer.

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Easter holidays.

The Easter holidays were amazing! The first few days I stayed home and played on my iPad. On Thursday I went to the Heaton park Easter fair with some friends I am a bit scared of fast and high rides so on the first ride I didn’t go on it.My friend told me it was really fun and I should try and conquer my fears.There was a ride , which I especially enjoyed. It was really fast and went up and down and it turned round and round ! I rested for a few more days because after walking around in the sun was actually really tiring! On Tuesday I had to go To pick up my glasses so I went to Specsavers. I went shopping to Wilko and the card factory.On Thursday I went to Snakes and slides with my little brother and sister. I loved going on the big slide it was really fast! On Saturday I went to the Longsight markets and bought jewellery . After that we went to Rusholme and ate a delicious burger. At the end I went to Manchester fort to buy a gift for my friend. On Sunday I just rested and enjoyed my last day of the holidays!

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my Easter holidays.

In the Easter holidays: I went to my cousins and I spent time with him.then I went home with my sister and brother. the next day it was my sisters birthday and she envyted friends over: but I didn’t me and my mum went shopping together and it was fun. About a while I sdudy so hard and I played play station it’s embarrassing. And that’s all and the rest of the days I sdudy do all week and I’m still sdudying so hard to go to high school .(and I wathc fast and furious 7).i wanted to get a higher mark so I can go to my family they in Libya and I miss tgem so so much and I wish they were here know that’s my holidays.

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My Easter holidays.

During my Easter holidays i did an amount of fun things that made me happy. On my first week we went to London with my sister,dad,mum, little sister and my little brother to celebrate the first year of my little sister who is very small (and annoying). During our visit to London we went on the very famous London eye And my little sister went too.She was scared and then she got used to being in the high wheel unlike my sister who nearly cried.After that we went home in our car and we ended up in taking a long eight hour drive ,which was many words for example uncomfortable,needing to go to the toilet and really really annoying as my little sister cryed the whole way through.The next and final week of my Easter holidays was when we went to a wedding to see the marrige of two people I don’t know but we are related to them.

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My Easter holidays !!!!!!!

It was Friday  my mum and dad had 2 days of work, due to good friday and Easter Monday  ,therefore we decided to go Trafford Centre and watch a film .

We got ready and drove to trafford there was a lot of traffic so it took us two whole hours to get there So instead we decided to go Lowry but it was closed  so went back to Trafford centre .

Finally we arrived at harry randsens ( I am not sure if you spell it like this ) and had lunch . I had fish and chips ( yum) . Then we went to Trafford centre FINALLY. My brother wanted to go lazer quest but I wanted to watch Cinderella because my friend had ,I got my way and my brother went to watch fast and furious 7 with my dad it was so fun .We were waiting for the films to start because there were lots of adverts it was boring so we all decided to go shopping and then come back my my mum brought me some sats revision books .

It was nearly time for the film to start so we brought drinks and popcorns I had the kids pack and got crisp ,coke and popcorn toffee flavour and even got a little cinderella glass shoe with it  .It was so hilarious when we were only 10 minutes into the film and my sister said she loved it was the best film ever . When the films were finished we went rice (a Chinese restaurant ) . Then we met our cousins there we had no idea they were there so we went later quest with them and then headed home. We arrived home at 12:45 and went straight to sleep because we were all tired. It was a busy day phew .


What I did over easter

Over easter I did lots of fun things.I went to southport with my dog and went in a arcade ,walked around and played on a massive playground.There was a fair what I went on and my aunty she walked around whilsted me and my brother was on the fair.

An other thing I did over easter was I went to the cinemer.I saw fast and furious7 with my friends the we went laser quest.For the rest of easter i played on my games and revised I also stayed at my uncles house .

I realy enjoyed My easter!!!

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Easter Holidays.

Easter Holidays,

On Saturday I went to a restaurant, but i don’t remember the name (It was Italian).

On Sunday I went to Heaton park and went on a bungee trampoline.

On Monday I went to town and went shopping.

On Tuesday I went to Bury and walked around.

On Wednesay I stayed at home and played on my laptop.

On Thursday I Went to Trafford Centre and bought clothes.

On Friday I went to Town and went to Starbucks.

On Saturday I went to Bury and bought some strawberrys.

On Sunday I stayed at home and played on my IPad.

On Monday I stayed at home and fell asleep.

On Tuesday I stayed at home and played on my iPhone.

On Wednesday I went to Town and went to Lush.

On Thursday I went to Bury I bought some clothes.

On Friday I stayed at home and played on my laptop.

On Saturday I went to Trafford Centre and bought a new IPad case.

On Sunday I stayed at home and played on my IPad.

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