Beautiful BV!

Look how beautiful school looked this morning!


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the lost happy endings conversation

“get your filthy hands off me”!Screamed Jub.

“NO!”Shouted the witch.

“Give me  that green sack”.eplained the witch.


The lost happy endings conversnion!!!

”Get your dearty , horrible and reakly hand off me.”demamded Jub.

”whats in that bright,green sack.”scweacked the nasty,dispicibul witch.

”Move out of the  way i am so tied.” yorned Jub!!!


The Lost Happy Endings Conversatoins

“who are you and what do you want from me?”wisperd Jub.

“I want that green sack you discraceful child!”shouted the witch.

“No anything but my green sack.”wisperd Jub.

“Yes give it to me or i will call the other witches!”moaned the the witch.

“still no now let me past”SHOUTED jub

“youv been warnd”wisperd the witch


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The lost happy endings conversations

” Let me go you filfy whitch ! ” shouted Jub.

” What is in that green sack off yours ? ” asked the whitch.

” No and anyway why do you want it? ” . asked Jub.

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The lost happy endings.Part 1

“Get your  thilfy, old hands of me!” demaned jub.

“Wait a second!” Yelled the evil wich. “What in that filfy bag of yours?…………..

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The lost happy ending’s

“why are you holding me?”cried jub

“I want your green sack!”wailed the wicch




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Nadeen and Kiesha lost happy endings!

“What do  you think you are doing with your dirty,grizly hands on me.

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The Lost Happy Endins

Jub saw a creepy witch with red poisonous eyes.”Hello little dearro”Mutted the witch.
Jub said “Who is that”Asked Jub.It’s a witch”Yelled the witch.”Arrrrr”Yelled Jub.

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What I did over the Easter holidays

Over the Easter holidays I went to the Beefeater to celebrate my mum and aunties birthday.  I had macaroni cheese and a warm chocolate brownie mmmm! On Monday I planned what I was going to make for my mum on her birthday:tuna meat balls and chocolate and strawberry surprise (my brother made this). At about 5 0’clock me and my brothers had a water fight. Tuesday was my mum’s birthday! In the morning , me, my bothers (Oliver and Sam ) Went quickly to Sainsbury’s to get the ingredients we needed. For our dinner we had some tummy ticklers(they were made from tortillas, mustard, Mayonnaise, spring onions and cheese). For tea we had pasta with tuna meat balls and mushroom sauce. Then we had chocolate and strawberry surprise! That was delicious. My mum had booked us in for a 6 day life saving course, soon every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday me, my brothers and Maysie and Ebony learned to save lives in the water. I was sad when it was the last day of the holidays but also I was exited to go back to school and see my friends !


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