100 word challenge week 24

One bright, hot day I  was going on an amazing holiday to Australia to have a look at it! “Oh I just can’t wait till we reach Australia!” I Screamed  as I was glaring out of the large, busy plane’s window. Everybody were shouting in terror as they were all starring out of the window. I was confused. I didn’t know what was happening. Then when I looked out of the plane window I saw something truely frightening. It was a huge, terrifying octopus trying to find a way to reach up at the plane. My eyes were popping out worriedly.


  1. Miss White says:

    Excellent writing! I like your 2a sentences. Also the sentence, ‘everyone was shouting in terror’ is very effective.

    How did the octopus move? Did it reach the plane? I’d like to hear more of your story. Well done

  2. isabella6w says:

    Truly amazing I want to know what will happen next

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