PGL 2015 Friday

Our last day! We woke up feeling sad about having to go home, but also looking forward to seeing everyone. We also had a morning of activities to look forward to. The activities were Jacob’s Ladder and Challenge Course. Jacob’s Ladder is really tricky! You have to climb vertical beams to reach the top. You climb in groups of 3 so try to support each other .

Challenge course is an obstacle course (on the ground this time!) where, once again team work is crucial. We played lots of games and helped each other.

After lunch we said goodbye to our group leader and headed for home. We’ve had a really great time and have made a lot of fantastic memories.

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PGL 2015 Thursday

Today was our last full day and it was a great one! We had another birthday – Jane’s, so there was more singing and more cake!

In the morning we did Vertical Challenge and Sensory Trail. Unfortunately it did rain, but it didn’t stop us having fun! Vertical Challenge is a rope activity where you must climb a swinging rope ladder followed by some tricky tyres. After that it’s a climbing wall and if you’ve made it that far, it ends with a cargo net to the very top. It really is a challenge!

Sensory Trail teaches us how important our senses are. We followed a path with lots of obstacles whilst wearing black out goggles. It really needs excellent teamwork and communication. We all realised how important these skills are.

In the afternoon the weather improved! Our activities were All Aboard and Problem Solving. During All Aboard the aim is to reach the top of the pole and along the way there are platforms to climb on to. Once again team work was essential because all three people had to try to climb on to the top platform which is the size of a pizza box!

Problem Solving was lots of fun as we solved challenges and worked as a team (again).

This evening it has been the disco! We dressed up and danced and danced and danced! Most of have packed. We are looking forward to tomorrow morning’s activities before our journey home.


5 Little Ducks called…..

What are the best 5 names you can think of for our ducks?



PGL 2015 Wednesady

It’s been another great day, especially as it was Yunis’ birthday! We started the day by singing him happy birthday at breakfast and ended with cake after dinner! In between there have been lots of great activities. Today we have done The Zipwire, Tunnel Trail, Trapeze and Orienteering. The Zipwire is another universal favourite. You have to take a leap of faith before flying across the countryside below. We loved It! Tunnel Trail is a new activity. As the pictures show, we had to crawl our way through a network of underground tunnels (sometimes whilst pretending to be Zombies as part of a game!). The Trapeze involves climbing a large pole, then jumping from a small platform to try and catch the trapeze bar. It’s pretty scary but exciting! Orienteering gave us a chance to improve our map skills, explore the site and work as a team.

This evening we have played wacky races and have learnt some excellent new games. We are all having a great time and after another busy day we are feeling a bit tired!


5 Little Ducks!

We have 5 ducklings now! After they hatched they remain in the incubator for a couple of hours until they fluff up! Then we move them into the brooder box where they have the choice of sitting under the heater or having an explore! They also have food and water in there.

There are 2 eggs still to hatch. I wonder if they have hatched by morning? I hope so!


Duckling number 1!

Welcome to the world number 1!




What an exciting morning in school! 2 of our ducklings hatched overnight and we were lucky enough to see one hatch at 8.15 this morning – click on the link to see the video below!

ducks 1



DAY 2 – This morning my group (group 4) first activity was aeroball. It was really fun and I enjoyed it. We were in a trampoline and we had shoot a ball into nets. Our second activity was Abseiling. Abseiling meant that we had to wear our harness and walk down a wall. It was an unforgettable experience and I really enjoyed it. In the afternoon, our activity was the Giant Swing. It was really fun because we got to go really high. Our second activity was the High Ropes which was just an obstacle course in the sky. Two people in my group did it which was me and Jai. It was really hard, but we managed to do it.


PGL Tuesday

PGL day 2 – This morning my first activity with my group was abseiling. To start off with it was quite high but the second time I went down like a pro. Our second activity was aeroball which was quite boring but it involved lots of trampolining which  is one of my favourite things. After an amazing lunch, we did High Ropes which I didn’t do because it was terrifyingly high! After that, we did the Giant Swing which I was tricked into doing, but I managed to do it to the top. Soon we will be going to our camp fire.


PGL so far

PGL day 1 – After a 2 and half hour drive we arrived at PGL. We had a fantastic lunch – there were wedges and pizza. After that, we went outside to play some football. It snowed heavily and we had to go inside for about half an hour. Then we went back onto the field and carried on.

PGL day 2 – Today my group started with abseiling. After that we had Aeroball but my team played badly! High Ropes was in the afternoon and so was Giant Swing. Giant Swing was amazing because it was so fun and joyful.