100 word challenge

“What was that I  could feel “,said Molly.She ran home to tell her mum her mum said ” be careful tell me where you go so that you don’t get lost “,but Molly wanted  to know who touched her . The next day at school Molly recieved a phone call she listend but all she could hear was people talking. . .

All of a sudden the fire alarm went off ! The pupils and teachers  had to get out of the building on to the play ground to safety . Everyone was exited and happy because they got to quit lessons .Will there be a fire ?. . .



  1. lujane says:

    I really like your writing well done I am proud of you. Good work I like your punctition keep your work up

  2. mollybvps says:

    Amazing cliffhanger!great!Will you finish it I really want to find out what happens to molly.

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