Bye bye Jayden

Today I am feeling really sad because today it is my friend’s last day .  His name is Jayden and we will miss him a lot . Jayden was really kind  ,so it was sad to see him leave.


  1. adam7 says:

    All of us in 4D are very sad todoy because Jayden has left and i feel the same way you do Harjeevan.

  2. leah5 says:

    well done! you told everyone how you felt.

  3. harjeevan says:

    Thanks Adam and Leah for commenting on my post

  4. Mrs Heald says:

    It’s really sad when a good friend leaves. You are right he is a very kind person. I will miss him as well. Are you going to stay in touch with him?

  5. Yusuf5h says:

    Jayden was very kind and fast!

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