My life by Filip

my name is Filip,I was born 21 of August 2004.i was born in Poland

when I was 6 I found out a website called YouTube and I started to watch videos

like pranks,mine craft trolling and more.then I watched people playing video games like Terreria,mine craft and gmod.when I was 8 I had a holiday to Poland it was so fun!!! I went to the beach with my uncle called michel.Me my dad and my uncle we came to the beach and played inside the water ball on the beach.

When I aged to be 9 I went to a place called Buxton/Hollincloff.My present was a nerf gun,a puzzel and a donut.when aged 10 I found out the game called worms battle grounds,it’s a 2d and a thinking game because you take turns so player 1 goes first and then player 2 and then try… TO KILL EACHOTHER

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The dark street

I was just walking down the street on Monday night after school as I was walking  I began to notice that it was getting very dark . My mum said be home by 5 it was now 7 my mum is going to kill me I said To my self . Ouch something grabbed my legs and pulled my legs . I did not scream because if I did they might tie me up . Hey hey what are you doing who ever you are . Shhhhhh it’s me your mum I told you not to be out at night and come back at 5 and it is now half past 7 . I wanted to scare you so you would come home early from now on . I am one going to take you home and you are also grounded .


pgl 2015

This yearis my turn to go to pgl.We will be going for a week at caythorpe we will do activites includig:the giant swing , trapeez and many more it will be really fun!!


Best topic ever

recently we have been working on vikings and also have been making a interview with one. The way we did this was we used Morfo both to make the Viking and green screen to make US reporters! It has been so fun especially because I was first to do it in front of the class.


Dog poem

Disabled helped
Obedience rewarded
Goodness is great

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Horor Song For Ukalalys [home made]

F#M                                     DM7            F#M                    F7                                  FM                                             F#M                                   DM7                        F7                           F#M              FM                                                       F7                                               BM7                             BM                 DM7                                        F#M                             DM7

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100 Word Challenge week 19

This week we have a picture of a street at night.

You have 100 words to produce a creative piece of writing. Use your imaginations! Just make sure what you write makes sense to your readers.


The form will close on 31st January.

Click here to enter:

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100 word challenge 19

IMG_2102.JPGThe rain dropped quietly, making the street look very blank.It had been 500 years since someone had been on that road but luckily in the year 2000 they had rebuilt the road to make it more modern.Thunder and storms raged around the road,the street light’s brightness completely blinded the street and most of the huge houses electricity was out so it was very dark in each house or everyone was fast asleep.The leaves of the bushes were rising and the leaves of the trees were falling creating tension as if something (a disaster) was going to happen.The street felt like a bomb.



Home Life
The men built boats and went hunting. They grew flax to make clothes. They grew wheat, rye and barley. They kept cows, sheep and horses. They also practised sword fighting and spear throwing. The women were always busy spinning and weaving. The women cooked and brewed strong beer. The children did not go to school.
They played and learnt skills they would need when they were older.The
he Vikings lived in Britain about 1000 years ago. They were from Norway, aland of mountains and fjords,where the winters were long.

Viking Raiders
The Vikings were raiders and every summer would set off across the seas in their long boats. They would steal anything of value and also take prisoners who would become their slaves. Before they left the villages, they would set them alight.
Life After Death
The Vikings believed in many gods. When they died they were buried with their belongings because they believed in the after life. When wealthy Vikings died they were buried in their warship with all their belongings, for example food and drink, weapons and their animals. Poor people were buried in a big hole in the ground with only a few things to take with them to the after life, for example spindles for weaving and a barrel of milk. If they were honourable and brave they would go to Valhalla, Viking heaven.
Viking Long Boats
The Vikings built long boats. They were narrow with one sail. The front part curved up high into the shape of a bird’s beak or an animal’s head.
The men on board called their ships ‘Dragons’.

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The pantomine .

Wow, the pantomine was so fun. My favourite character was Wishy Washy because he was really crazy and funny. I liked the bit where Mr Hanley had to dance with Tyankey . I loved the pantomine and I hope everyone else liked it too!

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