First time blogging

This is my first time blogging! I know that I am going to give the 1oowc a go!


Happy Holidays

In 6W, we have used Pic Collage and ThingLink to wish everyone a happy holidays (hold your mouse pointer over the image and click on each play button to see individual video messages).

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Santa mission 100wc

“Doors are locked!”  I  radioed back to Grace. “Can anyone see him ?”  Grace asked us “No,”  we all radioed back “Well if he’s here, he’s trapped!” Grace told us “Wait! Wait I got something I see footprints!” I told her ” Go after them!”  She told me. I followed these strange footprints, they lead me to a door upstairs in my house. Nervous, I reached out and opened the door … There was nothing there just a pair of boots!  “It’s a trick!” I shouted through my radio back to Grace.  Suddenly I saw a flash ofred! I quickly turned around and there was footprints everywhere.  I followed them and there was presents under the tree! Then I  heard someone coming, I hid behind  a large present. The shadow looked like he was holding a large bag. Could it, is it? SANTA! Sitting there I thought this will be the best celebration ever!


my favourite Christmas(100 world challenge)


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100 world challenge week 15 happy christmas

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Paul and a girl called Charlie.There favourite things to do was drawing,playing with toys,watching TV,but especially there favourite celebration was christmas.One sudden morning they  asked there mum :’could we go christmas shopping?’ Mum nodded.

When they arrived Paul felt a little bit strange.Paul noticed it was just a dream.Mum suggested to go park as the snowy weather is still here so you can go sledging.Making there way ,through the soft thick snow they came across a ginormous christmas tree.The balls were gold,blue,purple and many more.

When they came back from a fun park.There was a knock on the door and they heard a big’HO HO HO’.The kids felt nervous and very exited.The back door was opened.They all went to check what is happening.There was a big,red bag full of presents.With a note MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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Christmas Day

Christmas day is a special time of year for people.They eat christmas dinner and hang up trees with red,green and gold also other different coulors for wreaths and other christmas decorations.shops are opened for everyone to bye nice presents for people they love.On christmas day everyone who beileves in the christmas spirit have a celebration for getting grate gifts from there presents and for having a good christmas.It is strange when christmas is over because you want to have a second christmas because its a very nice year to realy celebrate.Some people get nervouse because what presents will you get?






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christmas weekend

Today I rapidly ran downstairs the popular celebration started.I turned the tv on celebraties were dressed in red. After I wached christmas movies I  went under the christmas tree and opened my present i was nervous   and it was a xbox one !.It was strange that I got xbox i all ready got  a ps4 and I  never thought I was  going to get a xbox one.I went to game and they had lots of bundles i got fifa 15.I jumped on to my sofa and my mum gave a nice cup of hot choclate (wisper hot choclate) it was really nice.


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Christmas day

DING ! DONG ! the bell rang . It was christmas day finally . Christmas day was fimaly here . I juist could`nt wait for this day to get here after opning all those advent doors and now the day  has came . mum kept yelling telling me to get up . I quikly got up to get ready . I put on my red sparkly wooly jumpier with a rudeohlph on it and his red , shiny nose flahing as it lit up.

I ran down the stairs felling strange and a little nervous because they where all watching me as I opend  my christmas preasent. It was a ps4. This was my best christmas. Also for super it was a turkey feast.It was celebraitoin time. 

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One day a wolf, bear and fox were prepering for a very speshl day chistmas because of an opening were you can go and see santa “wate who are those strange children” said the wolf.

“Can you smell that”said the bear.

“yes I can that is strange they can all turn into what we are” said the fox lets let them in and give them a red necless i’m sure they will like it the children said”  thank you and we are sure you have found out that we can turn into wolves, bears and foxes. We have come for the celebration we are nervors. By the way are names are Filip, Jasmine, Isabella and Aziz.” The next day it had finly opend we saw santa andwent to bed for Christmas and had a great time.                                                              THE END

By isabella




A strange Christmas…

It was Christmas and it would surley be a good day.. or would it be.. I had forgotten to get my brother a present. I dash down the stairs longing  for me have to have presents, no I hadn’t there was nothing there exept everybody elses presents and cards I was very nervous. Right as I was going to give up my mother came through the door holding a present I told my mum thanks for filling in for me lets now start the party and celebration. As we opened the door to the people they fled in and it startted getting fun. Red stockings filled, it was a strange, but awesome day.

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