5M Poetry Competition – The Winners!


  1. Matt Goodfellow says:

    Wow, what a brilliant performance!, 5M!Love the rhythm and how well the whole class worked together. Congratulations again, and well done to all who took part xx Matt

  2. Mrs Jacques says:

    ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! Brilliant 5M!!

  3. Miss Jones says:

    Wow! 5M That was amazing!! Your sense of rhythm was spot on and I loved the dancing. Well done everyone!

  4. Mr. Lowe says:

    Hi 5M,

    My name is Mr. Lowe and I teach Year 5 at Lowerplace Primary School (that’s in Rochdale).

    I am extremely impressed with your performance poetry! You’ve obviously worked well as a team and shown bravery in your performance.

    I will definitely show this to the children in my class. Keep up the good work!

  5. molly6a says:


  6. Miss Aaron says:

    I loved your performance so much! You were all very expressive and it was brilliant fun to watch!

  7. Abeera's mum and dad says:

    Well done 5m you were brilliant I really liked the granny’s keep it up

  8. manar says:

    That was amazing,i guess that’s why being at Bowker vale is great.every one says that there primary is the best but you proved them wrong with your talent.

  9. Karen Savage says:

    I was amazed by this wonderful performance. Keep up the good work 5M. Bowker Vale has very talented children. I was very impressed with the good speaking co-ordination of the whole class in order to present this. Well done!!!

  10. Mr Worrall says:

    Well done 5M. That made me laugh! I loved the outfits and the dancing was amazing. Rappers of the future! I wish I could have been there to see it.

  11. Mrs Nicholson says:

    Well done everybody. This made me smile in class and I have loved watching it again. I am really proud of you all.

  12. kian6a says:

    WOW your class is amazing at preforming poetry!
    Well done !!!!!

  13. shefa6a says:

    That’s really good!

  14. safi6w says:

    well done 5m keep it up your talent is unique.

  15. Zain says:

    Well done 5M.Very good rap.I liked how you worked together

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