Remembrance Thank You

In year 6, we have been learning in our Topic lessons all about World War 1. As part of our World War 1 day, 6W have created a thank you video. The children decided what they wanted to say thank you for and what they would like their background image to be when using the green screen. We then linked all of the individual videos together for one whole class thank you.


  1. haroon6w says:

    Thanks for putting it up Sir and how are you? When are you going to be back in school? HAROON

    1. Mr Worrall says:

      Make sure you get family and friends to take a look at it and leave a comment! It’s a fantastic video and the whole class should be extremely proud.
      My ankle is improving. Thank you for asking. I’ll be back as soon as possible hopefully!

  2. aymen6w says:

    Thanks for putting it on the blog and YOUTUBE!!!

    1. Mr Worrall says:

      Don’t worry! Only people who look at it through this blog can see it on YouTube.

  3. Mr Worrall says:

    I just thought I’d share a message that Green Screen by Do Ink has sent to me. They are the company who make the green screen app that we use.
    ” Awesome Remembrance Day video. Kids did great. Thanks for sharing. #doink”

  4. Mrs Jacques says:

    Really impressive 6W! Well done!

  5. molly6a says:

    This is very emotional,but fab! Well done 6w!!

  6. kaitlyn6w says:

    This is amazing!! Well done guys xx
    (Kaitlyns mum).

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