The tunnel by filip6w

The dark old mysteirious forest.My heart is beating like a loud thunder.Stunned and amazed I saw a humungos forest.I have questions wizzing through my head like how is a forest through a wall?Finally i came across suddenly i looked behindthe tunnel entrance was bricked up,i said to myself i cant do anything about it so i continued exploring. Shoked and stunned suddenly i saw a blue hooded man.

He looked like reaper.His face is coverd in darkness.He began to speak,these are the words he spoke Jack you will leave this dimenshon and will turn to stone.You will turn to stone within a second you will be alone.I said to myself this is the biggest mistake ive ever made i was then perminat stone. Next i felt heat on my back. I began to see, i began to smell.I finally ran back to my home rose was just about to cry and then we go back home,together.

A few days later a noise woke me up it was the entrance to the the tunnel i thensaw a hand creeping out of the tunnel

hi guys i really hope you enjoyed my version of the tunnel please comment on my story ill be making more storys.


The terrifying forest

I walked into the terrifying,dark, creepy mestirious forest. They were crows with sharp pointy beak. His feathers were ripped. Also i saw lots of trees. The  leaves were burnt  and they were also twisted together. I then heard a  bang! my ears were shaking like a rattle then i saw terrorfiying creature for 4 seconds then i calapsed my heart was beating like a basedrum a few seconds later i fainted .




Mysterious adventure …..

“No jack you musn’t.” Rose yelled .” There could be anything down there goblins , witches , and ghosts ” Rose exclaimed .  I went into the tunnel it was dark , damp and wet .  I could hear the sounds of cratures nearby . They seemed to be all over the tunel. The putrid smell made me pull my t – shirt up to my nose .

I ran to the tunnel escaped from coldeness and darkness . I found myself in a dark , gloomy and alarming forest . Thousands of questions swam rapidly through my mind baffling after each one . My heart thumping ten times quicker than normal . I felt as if 1000 of eyes crept upoon. The dark trees streched out into a endless dark canopy . Ants crushed under my feet . Fire whispering and chattering to the wind .

All of a sudden , I heard footsteps wallking heavily towards me . What was this ? Where did it come from ? How did it come ? My heart was thumping even faster , I knew I should have listen to Rose she always is  right . Well mostly . The unknown dark figure cam closer and the shadow grew bigger .

This thing or i dont know whatever it was but it grabbed my shoulder . It said ‘you shall not go home you will tell everyone ‘ .

I replied no sir i won’t I promise i won’t . I stammered . I could smell something , it was rose’s perfume the one mum bought her for christmas . I hope she came to save me .

Rose and I ran through the forest and crawled through the tunnel and back home.

The next day we were in school in assembly  . I recgonized the figure on my headteacher’s hood , it was the figure from the forest ….. what happens next ?


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The boy and the dwarves.

NO! jack its to dangerous rose shouted.But it was to late i was all ready going in the soggy,gross tunnel there is rats and evry thing .when i got out of the tunnel there was a small wood as i got closer i could her vocies the more i when the more i got scared i was in the middel of the woods the trees were dark they had branches that loojed like they were going to grab me.

the leavs are dancing around me it was getting scary i started to run ,but there was trees in my way i fell ahahahahah!!!!!!!!

what are you?we are the dwarves family. please dont hurt me i will go back. NO! you cant you mite tell the humans and they will come and pick on us! i wont i never tell lies. we cant take a chance we will turn you in to stone. ye right.i will.ahahahahahhahahhahhahahhahahahahahahhaha!!!!1

jack j….a…c…k…what happend to you? mmmmmmm. im sorry for the things i did to you .WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!!!you will have to be likehim ahahahaha!





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The Tunnel

Once there was a brother and a sister ,who didn’t like eachother. Jack liked football and Rose liked reading books.

One day there mum had told them to go outside and get along. When they were outside Jack found a dark and scary Tunnel .

Jack went inside and found a dark and scary forest that had trees and he had found a talking tree that was making scary noises like ooh aah ooh!

The tree said”hey get out out of my forest before i turn you into stone so get out of my forest or else” “please dont hurt me I am only 9 years old”

After the talking tree ran away and turned Jack into stone. Jack could smell chocolate coming towards him then Rose came and hugged him and he turned into his self again and Rose said “lets not go here again”

After they both went home and they smiled at eachother.

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The gloomy tunnel

once there was a brother and sister called Rose and Jack.we always fight and not play with each other because I like to play football and Rose likes to read books in the corner.we never play with each other. one day our mum  said ”go out for a bit and come back at lunch time and play with each other”because we were arguing.we went to the park.suddenly I said ”stop!” Rose said ”what happen Jack” ”look! I found a gloomy,dark tunnel come lets go inside” ”No! iam  scared”said Rose ”okay I’ll go by my self” I went in the tunnel and I saw a witch with a black hat saying to me ”get out of my tunnel or else I’ll turn you into stone” ”NO! I’ll go out but don’t turn me into stone” OKAY then get out of my tunnel”.BUT the witch still turned me into stone. Rose waited a long time but I didn’t come so Rose dared her self to go in the tunnel because she was worried for me. Rose went in the tunnel and she saw a dark forest.Rose went further in and she found me  turned into STONE.She hugged me and I turned back to my self.Jack said ” I knew you’d come ”. As we came out of the scary  tunnel  we smiled and went back home.When we went back home our mum said ”is everything  alright”we both smiled and from then we played togather and talk to each other.

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Mysterious land rising of the dead

As me and rose were walking, we saw a tunnel rose said”Jack please dont go you will get lost,who will save you?” So i entered the tunnel,like a up cheetah.

I had came out and ended up at a forest.I was scared:i didnt know what to do.Suddenly i heard a footstep behind me why as he here? When ever i looked behind he was gone the dark figure vanished i didnt know what to do oh no…………. who grabbed me, who will save me? Bang the trees tried to grab me. The snow was white,but solid. He or she really scared me. What will happen now?

THEN…………….. the dark figure appeared in front of me  and turned me in a statue tan ta ta!!!!! no one comes no one leaves.

Then Rose came like a dog and hugged me  the she walked the i came back alive  then i came back alive bang! i fell then i came back alive.

suddenly i recognized the person who was it.

then we got home, never told mom anything about it then the person came with a………. it was covered in blood then……

the end

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The Hooded Figures

”Jack…No… dont leave me!” Screamed Rose.

”It’s ok Rose…I’ll be back in a bit.” Replied Jack.

I was now in the dark,gloomy tunnel. It got damper and damper the further I crawled. There was cob webs everywhere.

After 4 minutes of crawling, I found the exit. I then found myself in a dark,eerie forest, I was terrified.

I heard a crunch of a twig, I then ran as fast as a cheetah. I heard a laugh of a wicked witch behind me. I was very scared.

Devistated,terrified,puzzled I ran as fast as I could, I heard loud footsteps behind me. Suddenly…I stopped … I turned around and there was… two hooded figures they both shouted ”you can not leave this realm!” (they said it in sync)

”B…b…but I just want to go home…please!”

I tried to run ,but I couldn’t move at all.

After 10 minutes I heard some footsteps behind me. The person ,who was behind me was Rose. As soon as she saw me she burst into tears. Rose swung her arms around me.

I felt my body getting warmer. After 5 minutes I was back to normal. As we ran back to the tunnel it felt like the trees were trying to grab me.

The next day I said to Rose ”Dont tell anyone what happened…ok.”

”ok.” Whispered Rose nervously. As I got int class my teacher said ”Today we will have two new visitors.”

The two new people came in… I thought I remembered there face’s… It was the two people in the forest!…




Tunnel of darkness… real version

JACK NO! I heard rose scream.

She was to late as i was already was discovering the mystirous tunnel. Each step was horrorfing as i felt slimy creatures crawling all over me. i tried thumping them ,but more came towards me.

Finally the tunnel came to a end ,so i crept out of the horror trap and headed towards the trees. The trees where eerie as one of them was shaped as a toenail and the others were i shaped weirdly.

As i weaved through the trees i found a grey, ancient portal which was battery operated ,so i connected my old,silver mp3 player and it turned purple.

Instantly a i heard a voice echoing saying IM FREE! i looked at the figure and i saw it was medusa…

I tried screaming ,but she turned me into stiff,grey stone then she said to me “you will live here forever!”. Suddenly i felt a walm hand touching me then i started to melt. I twisted my head whilst i was melting and saw it was Rose my kind and caring sister.

As quick as a flash we sprinted back through the slimy horror trap, through the alley way back home.

Whilst i was sleeping i opened my eyes as i couldn`t go sleep and saw medusa was right in front of me…