First time blogging

This is my first time blogging and I am very exited about this! I am also going to give the 100 word challenge a go!

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100 word challenge

As I was walking home from school one day, I crossed the usual roads ,and as I walked further it got more inaudible and crepuscular until I reached a forest…. All of a sudden I saw  a statue and as I dared to take a step closer the statue scared me and made me go, “AAGGHHHH!!!!” and then in a devilish voice he said, “if you dare trespass you will have to face the consequences…!” As I was about to make the run for my life I fell into a hole and never came back up ever in my life!


First time blogging!

Hi my name is Bayaan and this is my first time blogging, however i am already enjoying it. I have been looking through and it’s been good until now. I might be trying  out   100 words, but I will try my best!

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First time

Today is my first time blogging. I am really excited about this! I am absolutely going to give the 100 word challenge a go.

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The war was a very horrific thing that happened in 1914 to 1918 . It had two reason as to why it started . It lasted for four years and has a great effect on the country .

It started due to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand who was a important man in Austria . He was  assanited from a Serbian man . Due to this ,Austria declared war on Serbia and at this time countries had alliances and Britain had a alliance with Belgium . Germany declared war on Belgium and Britain said ‘ if you do not back down by 11 o clock we will declare war. Germany refused Britain , so Britain declared war . This made British men sign up .


Soilders in world war one were in very poor conditions  and had to live in trenches . The trenches were dirty as they had rats , wood lice and many other gruesome things . They had to sleep in this , neither did they have nutrious food instead they had canned food .

The trenches were very dirty and was almost like a mud bath . For a soilder’ s life in the trenches meant fear of attack . The open land between two sets of opposing ( opposite )  became known as ,no man ‘s land because this where they were likely to get hit or injured.

The war is hundred years from now . we remember the soilders by wearing red poppies and on the eleventh month , eleventh day at 11 o clock we sit in silence and reflect back on the war and remember these soilders. It is important to remember them : they fought for our country .


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how ww1 ended

Although America did not declare war on Germany until 1917, they had been involved in the war from the beginning supplying Britain and France with weapons and bombs.

On May 2nd 1915 the British passenger liner Lusitania was drowned by a torpedo from a German submarine. 1195 passengers, including 128 Americans, lost their lives. Americans were outraged and put pressure on the government to enter the war.

Woodrow Wilson  campaigned for a peaceful end to the war. He told both sides to try and settle the war by showing the ability to deal with other people in a sensitive way , but was unsuccessful.

In February 1917, the Germans announced an submarine warfare campaign. They planned to sink any ship that came Britain whether it was a military ship, supply ship or passenger ship.

On April 3rd 1917, Wilson made a speech declaring that America would enter the war and restore peace to Europe.

The United States declared war on Germany on April 6th 1917.The  American soldiers joined the French and British soldiers in  summer in 1918. They were strong and not weary  and determined to defeat the Germans.

The German leader Erich Ludendorff  was a brilliant military commander and had won many decisive victories.In 1918 he announced ” if Germany won the war then the allies had to be defeated on the Western Front before the arrival of American troops.”

Although his offensive was successful ,the allies eventually pushed the Germans back.

By 1918 socialists were waiting for the chance to seize Germany as they had in Russia. In October Ludendorff resigned and the orders that the English government gave were ignored by the  German navy. The end was near. Kaiser Wilhelm II was heir to the thrown on November 9th 1918 as the German emperor.

On 11th November the leaders of both sides held a meeting in Ferdinand Foch and finally the armistice (agreement)  was made at 6am and came into force five hours later(at 11am).


100 word challenge

One day I was in a restaraunt where they were making a tasty, margherita pizza. I didn’t mention that it was a place called Frankie and Bennys. I could not believe  the smell of the thin based masterpiece. It was to nice to describe the cheese was such a delight with the amazing tasting tomato sauce on the full, textured base. When I had finished my pizza, I had a waffle, warm and moist with sweet honeycomb sauce to fish it all of with! It was amazing. After i needed spice, so i decided to Nandos. It’s great!


World War 1

I wandered around the crowded trenches, all the soldiers and me in one stinky, dangerous, filthy place. I couldn’t believe the smell, the smell of rats and filthy dogs or soldiers who haven’t been washed for days. The terrifying banging of the bombs going off every now and then made me petrified and I soon realised that I would never get used to this. The sight of dead bodies all around me, ill soldiers coughing and spluttering, generals shouting. Suddenly the general sends us out to fight, we run out of the sinky trenches, out onto the lifeless fields. BANG!


We Met An Author

On Friday 10 October we  (Bowker Vale Primary School year six pupils) went to The Children’s Book Show at the Royal Exchange in Manchester. We went on the Metro (tram) and got off  in town. We walked up to the theatre , luckily  the weather was decent. I thought  the theatre was a really interesting shape – it looked like a pod. Inside we were sat in the top tier and I got a brilliant view of Daniel  Morden. He is an author and during our visit he read a variety of stories, which were fabulous.We had a great time and we were back in school for dinner. By HAROON FAROOQ 6W





THE BEST RIDE(THAT WE THINK WAS THE BEST) WAS THE GIANT DROP SWING. AS SOON AS SOMEONE PULLS THE STRING OF THE SWING YOU DROP DOWN SCREAMING,ALSO the other best ride is the trampoline, that’s where you jump on a trampoline and try get a ball in a hoop.

The food will be great because there would be all food that we would like.