Year 6

Year six is going so well for me , even though the exams didn’t go so well I didn’t give up because I knew I have a chance of improving next time. In year six I recently have been enjoying this book called war horse I am excited to see the end of this book . The first time I started year six I was nervous about the exams , but now I  am exited because I know its not the end. Now I only think about things to come , until the end of year six!


Truth or dare

“I dare you,” Jack whispered, ” don’t worry, I’ll be right behind you.”  Needing to win this dare so I could prove my brother wrong, I carefully stepped into the creepy, dark, gloomy woods. Day suddenly turned into night as I tip-toed into the woods, the bright glow of day hidden by the gnarled, twisted trees. Suddenly, I heard a faint rustle in the bushes that seemed to be getting louder and louder. As I walked on I suddenly realized that Jack was no longer behind me, instead there was a dark creature, as dark as night standing in his place…



As I came back from school I caught sight of a figure in the woods I couldn’t see it from here so I took few steps closer , as I blinked  he/she (couldn’t tell because they had black clothing on) had disappeared into the shadows of the woods , although I wanted to go closer I  would’ve gotten into trouble by my parents , so I went back home.

A week later came back to the threatening location and I found him again…. I was not  going to let him go suddenly I slipped into a trap!!! “HAHAHA!” that’s  all I could hear before the ground started shaking POOF where was I now?


It`s going very well

I am getting the hang of it this as it is my third blog now. Today in clubs the football club my team lost 5 2 ,but we have to keep trying to win. I will keep trying to help my team so much.



year 6

I love year 6. The teachers are nice and the lessons are great. Our headteacher is kind and honest.Miss Durcan listens to what you have to say and Mrs Griffin sorts all the work mostly. I love year 6 for all the reasons.


first time

I love it already. I am going to give the 100 word challenge a go , so yes I am enjoying it!

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The darkness

The moon was high and the devil was creeping out and entered the soul of a human. The creature rose and had long sharp fangs and eyes as red as blood. The sky turned dim and all happiness faded and was replaced with a spine-tingling shadow of the devil. Hell was leaking in and the dead had risen to the beat of the dark, broken heart of the figure. The creature had the power of the solar system and had ruined the cycle. Every planet was red covered in blood. The devil was in command and ruled the world.



I am really excited for PGL in febuary. It will be the most fun filled thing in the whole world. We will do so many activites and we go for 5 days and 4 nights.We are allowed to bring loads of sweets,choclate,crisp and fizzy drinks. It will be the experiance of a life time.All of my friends are going including Georgia,Jane,Bayaan,Gia,nicole and many many more!


100 word challenge

In the dark , misty forest there stood the most strangest and weirdest person that you could ever meet . Every day and every night he stood alone as still as a statue . Everyday he stood there in his old , black coat that draped over his anonamous face. Only until one day a very brave woodcutter came into the woods to find some of the most finest wood in the whole world. When he came over to the site he looked at the statue in disgrace and then turned away. Suddenly a tragic thing happened. Oh no crunch crunch Rest in peace ….


The mysterious ghost

As I walked through the grim forest, something flashed at the corner of my eye. Was it a bird? No, I walked towards it when suddenly the breezy wind breathed at the back of my neck and sent my brain into fear mode. What was it? A ghost? A goblin? What was it? My worst fear came true it was a menacing charcoal colour ghost I ran, running through ice tree forest through terrible kingdom then finally an ogre stopped us as soon as I figured out his riddle I ran and was never seen again.