The darkness

The moon was high and the devil was creeping out and entered the soul of a human. The creature rose and had long sharp fangs and eyes as red as blood. The sky turned dim and all happiness faded and was replaced with a spine-tingling shadow of the devil. Hell was leaking in and the dead had risen to the beat of the dark, broken heart of the figure. The creature had the power of the solar system and had ruined the cycle. Every planet was red covered in blood. The devil was in command and ruled the world.


  1. Mrs Jacques says:

    Wow – a really powerful piece of writing Kian. Quite scary!

    1. kian6a says:

      Thank you very much Mrs Jacques

  2. missaaron says:

    I can tell you have chosen your vocabulary very carefully. I really like the similes and powerful verbs that you have used.
    Miss Aaron

  3. jj says:

    I love you story
    check out number 627 to read mine.

  4. Mr Worrall says:

    Wow! An incredibly scary story. Can you tell me what happened next?

  5. Mrs T says:

    What a captivating piece of writing Kian. You have created a sense of doom very well ! Your description was vivid. Keep up the great writing !

    Mrs T ( team 100 WC –

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