As I came back from school I caught sight of a figure in the woods I couldn’t see it from here so I took few steps closer , as I blinked  he/she (couldn’t tell because they had black clothing on) had disappeared into the shadows of the woods , although I wanted to go closer I  would’ve gotten into trouble by my parents , so I went back home.

A week later came back to the threatening location and I found him again…. I was not  going to let him go suddenly I slipped into a trap!!! “HAHAHA!” that’s  all I could hear before the ground started shaking POOF where was I now?


  1. Mrs Jacques says:

    A good first blog Amman. As a reader I want some more description about the he/she bit, I think you could have been more creative!

  2. missaaron says:

    A very mysterious description! I really wondered what was happening. Could you check the punctuation?
    Miss Aaron

  3. amman6a says:

    thanks for the advise

  4. Mr Worrall says:

    You have created a sense of mystery that makes me want to read on, but it would have helped me as a reader if the use of full stops was improved. Could you copy your post and then edit it where full stops should be used? Do this as a reply to me and I’ll comment on your improvement.

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