100 word challenge

In the middle of a thunder storm stood a dark, spooky castle lifted high on the crumbling cliffs.In the castle there was a vampire and some trapped,cute bunnies ,whose kingdom was ruled by the blood-sucking vampire.The vampire had a 2-metre swimming pool , which he was swimming in everyday.The next day when he went to swim he saw the chlore broken because of a surprising,heroic cat , who was scratching the plastic pipe, so instead of sucking the water it let green water out.After  the bunnies escaped but had no where to go. Will they escape the castle and the terrifying,horrifying vampire???


My poor cat (100 word challenge week 9)

Alone with Mittens, my heart was heavy. I knew the end was near. My cat’s eyes were glowing a luminous green, ripples shivered through her body. Then suddenly she fell to the ground dead. My mind was swimming like a whirlpool. My heart was broken and my eyes were full of tears, but when I though about our memories together my heart lifted. I was so upset until I saw my cat twitch and suddenly came back to life. It was a miracle and I hugged my cat tighter than ever. Mittens was alive again, I knew we would share many more memories together.



100 word challenge

I fell asleep in the middle of the day, exhausted from my trip to London. I heard the most interesting and strange scream! It was probably a cat yowling , annoyed by the bright, beaming sun. I witnessed it again and it was so loud it left my green stained glass window broken. It wasn’t my sister because she had gone swimming and nobody would randomly scream at noon, especially when I was in bed. Suddenly I was shifted out of my bed and landed on the floor . I lifted my self up and dozed away. I wonder what it was…?

By Shefa6a

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I am looking forward to pgl. Its going to be the highlight of the year. When were at pgl I will be looking forward to all the activities especially the high ropes. On pgl it will be my birthday and I hope I have a special and great birthday , but I will be thinking of my family on my birthday.



For me one of the most important things in life is friends, friends are something that can guide you through some of the most tough things including tests!!! At Bowker Vale it is a pleasure having friends. Some of my friends are Georgia,Jane,Aroosh,Yusra,Gia,Nicole and many many more!!!!!!!

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100 word challenge

One day I woke up from one of the most weirdest dream ever.This is what happened! I was in a swimming pool where I caught sight of a cat on a sun lounger at the side of the pool where it sat sipping a cocktail.I then lifted myself out of the chlorine filled pool and walked up to the creature and just stared at it.The cat just kept sipping it’s cocktail that I now noticed was green. I felt like smashing the glass and then he would be upset screaming “you have broken my glass” then I woke up. Weird!


100 word challenge

I ran into the anonymous forest, surrounded by gigantic, enormous trees.  It was clear there was no way out. I can’t believe I used to live an ordinary life, now I’m just taking dangerous risks and still refusing to stop exploring the unknown. Even so, I hiked on and kicked my way through broken branches and ferns. I stopped to see a tiny glimmer, the only light I’d seen in weeks – because I’ve been in the forest for ages. I squeezed through the tiny gap and  encountered a cozy village. It wasn’t what I pictured but I still rested there.

By Shefa 6A


100 Word Challenge week 9

The prompt this week is 5 words. They must all be used in your writing but do not need to be in this order. If you can highlight them in some way so that Team 100 can see them, it would certainly help! They are:

Broken     Green     Swimming     Cat     Lifted

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Snow leopard fact file homework

The snow leopard is a relative of the cat family which is normally found in mountainous alpine and subalpine (3000-4500m ) areas of central and south parts of Asia. It’s underneath the extinction heading on the red list of threatened species with 4080-6590 still surviving on earth. They are smaller than other large cats averagely weighing 27-55 kg.

What it looks like

The snow leopard is a large cat with long thick hair which varies in colours to a cloudy grey and a yellowish tan. Their eyes are a pale green or a greyish colour. They have a short muzzle and a domed forehead, they also have unusually large nasal cavities, so they can breathe in thin air.

Hunting and diets

They are omnivores and like many cats they eat whatever meat the can find. They also eat quite a lot of vegetation including grass and twigs. Up in the mountains some of the only animals you can eat are hares and birds, but they also are capable of eating animals 3x the size of themselves.

Ways to prevent the extinction of the snow leopards

You can donate money to companies that help save the snow leopards. If you waste paper trees will be chopped down and no home for snow leopards. If you litter there will be so many landfill sites so no home for snow leopards and now you know about these extraordinary animals you know how to protect them. Please find a place in your heart for these brilliant animals.

Thank you




In 1914 August war was declared by Austria-Hungary, because an important man called  Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were shot dead by a man called  Gavrilo Princip, as he wanted Austro-Hungarian Empire out of Bosnia.This seemingly small conflict between the 2 spread rapidly over 30 countries – England, Germany, Austria, Serbia, France,Russia and many more…


Trenches were long, narrow ditches dug into the ground where soldiers lived all day and night.There were many lines of German trenches on one side and many lines of Allied trenches on the other.In the middle, was No Man’s Land, so-called because it did not belong to either army. Soldiers crossed No Man’s Land when they wanted to attack the other side.

Soldiers in the trenches did not get much sleep. When they did, it was in the afternoon in the  daylight and at night only for an hour at a time. They were woken up at different times, either to complete one of their daily chores or to fight. During rest time, they wrote letters and sometimes played card games.

The trenches were very muddy and smelly. There were many dead bodies buried nearby and the toilets sometimes overflowed into the trenches. Millions of rats entered the trenches and some of them grew as big as cats. There was also a big problem with lice, it was horrible!!!


The progress of the tanks in World War 1 was quite remarkable.In World War 1 tanks first appeared at the Battle of Flers-Courcelette in September 1916. It was the first time tanks had ever been used in a military conflict.The British sent 49 tanks into the battle.WW1 tanks were very slow and couldn’t exceed 4 miles an hour.

In 1918 Britain and France had produced 6,506 tanks between them. Germany had produced just 20.Germany learnt to deal with WW1 tanks very effectively.During the Battle of Amiens in 1918 72% of allied tanks were destroyed in just 4 days.6 days before the end of World War 1 the British Tank Corps only had 8 tanks left.


The Bayonet was developed in Bayonne, France, in the early 17th century.  That it was still apparently in commonplace use during the first world war may seem incongruous when compared to leaps in technological warfare typified by artillery, grenades and poison gases.  The bayonet was used by all sides from 1914-18.

The flamethrower, which brought terror to French and British soldiers when used by the German army in the early phases of the in 1914 and 1915.The idea of a flamethrower was to spread fire by burning fuel!

The pistol, originally designed as a cavalry weapon, was the staple weapon for a variety of personnel during World War One.  Traditionally issued to officers of all armies the pistol was also issued to military police, airmen and tank operators.

In World War One, the development and use of poison gas was needed by the requirement of wartime armies to find new ways of overcoming the stalemate of unexpected trench warfare. there were also many other weapons used in world war 1.


On the 11th month on the 11th day on the 11th hour World War 1 came to an end – the Germans signed the armistice papers and the British allies took victory! The story behind this was because  Russia backed out the year before, (1917)  and Germany thought they were  in a very strong position as they were.Then in 1918  in May the USA and Russia joined again  with fresh men to fight, and this is what made the Germans back down! So basically Britain didn’t win, they won by forfeit!


World war 1 did lead to world war 2, because the armistice paper that Germany signed said that 20 years after WW1 they had to fight  again and the end of world war 1 was in 1919 so that is why WW2 started!

THE END!!!!!!