As We Approach the End of Term….

As we approach the end of term I thought it useful to remind you of events during our last 2 weeks.

Christmas will look very different to how it usually does. We will, however, still make it a special time for all our children and staff and the following things will be happening in school:

  • Wednesday 9th December – Christmas Assemblies hosted by Reverend Eddie and delivered to all classes via Google Meet.
  • Friday 11th December – A free Christmas Lunch for all children to enjoy in their classrooms.
  • Friday 11th December is also Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children. Children can come to school win their own clothes and wear Christmas jumper if they would like! Any donations for Save the Children will be gratefully accepted and there will be collection buckets at each of the school entry doors if families can make a donation.
  • Week commencing 14th December – Each class will have an outdoor festive experience, including a tree walk looking at all of our dressed trees!
  • Week commencing 14th December – We will be hosting a virtual visit from one of Santa’s special helpers!
  • Week commencing 14th December – Each class will have a Panto afternoon – children will watch a pantomime on the screen in their classrooms
  • Classes will be posting a festive Christmas message on the blog for you to enjoy at home

Finally, we will have an early finish on the last day of term – Friday 18th December. Please collect;

  • Years 5 & 6 at 1pm (any younger siblings can also be collected at this time)
  • Years 3 & 4 at 1.10pm (any younger siblings can also be collected at this time)
  • Year 1 & 2 at 1.20pm (any younger siblings can also be collected at this time)
  • EYFS at 1.25pm

Thank you for your continued support this term, it’s been a challenging one for all of us, but your cooperation and understanding has been really appreciated by us all.

Kind regards, and stay safe!

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Year 3S’s wonderful rainbow tree!

This week we thought about what the rainbow meant to people this year and how it was used to say thankyou to those who help others.

We used watercolour paints to create our own rainbows and then we wrote a message to someone in school saying thankyou!

We hope that this tree spreads joy and positivity to all that walk past it!

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2C Superstars & VIP!

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Zebra and Giraffe Homework

This week we have been learning all about shapes and making shape pictures. For your homework please make a Christmas picture using shapes. You can then describe your picture using the shape names and by talking about the shapes.

Please send your a photo of your picture by Friday 11th December to or

You can also have a go at squiggle while you wiggle ladder letters.

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African Drum Designer

Well done Charlotte for your fabulous homemade African drum!

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Y2M Wonder Workers and VIP!

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5M Certificates

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5M Friday Home Learning

Good morning 5M!

You have all been working so hard this week. I am so proud of each and every one of you. Keep it up!

So Berry Proud Of You

All of your activities for today are on Seesaw once again. Please make sure you submit your tasks before 2.30pm.

For one of your activities, you will be writing an acrostic poem to share with Upper School.

Here are some examples of poetic features that you can include in your poem:

  • rhyme and rhythm
  • similes e.g. the bright ornament was as round and red as Rudolph’s nose, the falling icicle cut like a dagger through the snow
  • metaphors e.g. the tree was a statue of ornaments, a blanket of snow covered the rooftops
  • onomatopoeia e.g. splash, crunch, ding ding
  • personification e.g. the lights on the tree winked at me, the tree smiled as Santa piled the gifts, stars peeking from behind the moon

Hope you all have fun writing your poems.

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SSC Friday Afternoon Check In

Good afternoon everyone and welcome back!

Here are the activities for this afternoon:


Please complete the Joe Wicks workout.

If you want something more challenging why don’t you complete the ‘Time to get active!’ lesson and quiz on Oak Academy. This a video that will help you understand the importance of exercise and a healthy balanced diet.

Challenge Box

This week we have been learning all about continents of the world.

Can you create a fact file about a continent?

Complete the sentences about a continent of your choice. Think about the continent activities you have completed during the week.


Your homework for this weekend is to listen to the remainder of our class book ‘Voices in the Park’. There will be questions about the book on Monday.

Great job this week everyone. We understand it is hard working from home and such a big change to your routine, but you are doing really well.

Have a great weekend,

The SSC Team

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SSC Friday Morning Check In

Good morning SSC class and welcome to fantastic Friday.

Your full week of home learning is nearly complete. Well done for all of the excellent work you have sent in so far, you are all amazing!

congratulations you are amazing - Clip Art Library

Here are this morning’s activities:


Every Friday we practise our multiplication skills. Please complete the worksheets below.

Classroom Group

Activity Room Group


This term, we are learning all about extreme explorers. Each week we learn about a different explorer from history, and discuss the different parts of the world they are from or have explored. We have add each explorer to a timeline. Here is our timeline so far:

Job 1: Explorer skills.

Look at the timeline. Can you remember any facts about each explorer? What explorer skills did we learn from each of them?

For example, we developed our history skills when learning about Guy Fawkes. Knowing about different events and locations in history is an important explorer skill. If we ever explore London we will know all about the Houses of Parliament and what happened there in the past.

Can you list two more explorer skills that we have learnt or developed so far?

Job 2: Oceans of the world.

Today, we are going to learn about different oceans of the world. Watch the video below.

Can you label the oceans of the world on the map?

Use the map diagram to help you:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-37-1024x743.png

Job 3: Around the world voyage.

Ellen MacArthur is an English yachtswoman and an ocean explorer. In 2005, she set a world record for the fastest, solo, non stop voyage around the world. Watch the video below to see footage from her ocean adventure.

Ellen would have used many explorer skills during her voyage, such as map skills, navigation skills and sailing skills. A voyage is a long journey involving travel by sea.

Can you draw a voyage from one place to another on your map? Where would you sail to? Which countries would you visit on the way? Which oceans would you travel across? Would you visit any continents?

Draw a boat at your starting point and a flag at the end point of your voyage.

Challenge: Write sentences or key words that describe your voyage. You can do this by writing a short paragraph or labelling the map.

Here is Miss O’Keeffe’s example:

Miss O’Keeffe would begin her voyage in the United Kingdom. She would sail across the Atlantic Ocean to South America. Here, she would visit the country of Brazil. Miss O’Keeffe would then sail across the Atlantic Ocean towards the Southern Ocean. She would then end the voyage on the continent Antarctica.


This term we have been learning about different sources of light and electricity. Follow the link to recap what we have learnt so far about electricity.

Job 1: Electricity.

What do you know about electricity? Create a mind map about electricity. This could include household appliances or key words linked to electricity.

Job 2: Conductors and insulators.

What is a conductor? What is an insulator?

Complete the table below. Are the items an insulator or a conductor?

Challenge: Can you find any other insulator or conductor materials in your home? Draw a picture or write the name of at least four items.

Classroom Group

Job 3: Complete the conductors and insulators quiz.

Follow the link and complete the quiz. Tell us how many you scored out of 15.

Have a great morning everyone,

The SSC Team

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