EYFS Nativity

Our children in Nursery and Reception did a fantastic job with their singing, acting and narrating in our Christmas show ‘All About Christmas’

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100 WORD CHALLENGE!{merry x mas}

I woke up on the last day of x mas eve. I was exited and not exited. I was exited because I’m getting lots of presents, but I wasn’t exited because I had to buy presents with my own pocket money. So today I’m not  going to be playing with my friends,  but buying presents secretly. I brushed my teeth and had my breakfast (yummy) and quickly absconded out of my house and looked for some stuff,                                                                                                        when I came out it was night time, so I went to my mini tent in the park to wrap the present, until…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                merrchristma!            

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100 Word Challange

As individual flakes (from the sky) danced within  mid – air until gently landing onto  to the earth’s surface , each and every flake uniquely – patterned like delicate angel wings. Surprisingly , a young boy and a contented snowman were gradually ascending into the sky ,there beneath them were houses which were peeping out of their new , snow – covered caps . A gush of fresh , but cold breeze overtook the atmosphere and the moon’s vivid, luminous glow reflected upon the town . Glaring down , the boy clutched his teddy,  which comforted him , the white had nearly swallowed this exceptional place.

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The Winter Snowman…(Last one for 2017)

A boy named James woke up and looked out of the window and it was snowing.He quickly put on his robe and boots, so he could go out in the snow.James gathered up big pieces of snow and made them in to balls for his snowman. He finished his snowman and stepped back for a better view.Then he saw the snowman jiggle and jangle until it was finally moving.He was surprised and happy that it came alive.The snowman reached out his hand to James.They both set of flying in the winter breeze.They both had a fantastic and great time together.

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100 World Challenge (Frosty)

One cold winter day Frosty had held onto Sam and shot through the sky swiftly joking and laughing, The boy had held the snowman with his sweat and the snowman had started to melt. Quickly Sam rushed the snowman into a snow pile to coo him down and he had made his hands colder with the ice of the local lake. Frosty had forgotten about the boy and the boy had fallen asleep on the lake when the ice cracked the snowman rushed him out but the snowman started to melt from the water but the boy woke up.

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The snowman’s adventure

Buff! buff! white, fluffy snow smacked the windows of the boys small, transparent windows. Hesitantly clambering out of his bed, he peered through his misted windows , who was now spotting his snowman. This was not stood still like it was before it was standing up smiling at this young boy. Taking from the from the floor, this snowman glided towards the boy ( who was in his bedroom )  took his hand and drifted into the night sky, whilst snow fell upon them. The boy, who was now hovering above all the lit up Christmas  houses, smiled at his new realistic snowman.

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Tree planting

We went to Heaton Park to plant some trees to improve our local environment. It was extremely cold!

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the magical frosty night

Image result for the snowman's adventure       Image result for the snowman's adventure

It was on one MAGICAL  night , when a little boy ( named Kristoff ) was just admiring  his  finished snowman , he loved it . He was just about to rest his head when he caught a glimpse of something moving in the garden ….. ” What is that ? ” he asked with a puzzled voice ,

” Is my snowman moving !?” the boy was right . so he grabbed his coat ,slipper and his gloves , as quick as a flash the boy flow down the stairs and into the garden . the boy was amazed !!

” Hello! ” the snowman said in a high pitch voice ” What’s your name? ”

” Kristoff ?” he answered



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100 word challenge

There ones lived a kid her name was Lucy one day Lucy went outside to play with her brothers baseball Lucy was only eight and her brothers Sam and Roman were twins they were seventeen Roman was batting and Lucy was bowling she did a slow underarm and Roman hit the and it smashed the window into a mysterious room were there was a wardrobe inside there was Lucy’s sister and her name was Amy she saw the ball go into the room the brothers told Lucy to get the ball but Lucy went inside the wardrobe…

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The Snowman’s Adventure

One evening, a boy named Simon was going to bed. Simon, who was only 7 years old, said, ‘Goodnight Mommy, Goodnight Daddy.’

’Goodnight sweetheart!‘ They replied. While he was fast asleep, Simon heard sounds up the attic and couldn’t get back to sleep, so he went to investigate. What he saw was incredible! It was a talking snowman!! He asked him to fly up with him and he replied with, ‘ I would love too!’ So they did. They could see the views! It was snowing and it’s beautiful! They had to return before his parents knew. ‘Goodbye Snowman!’

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