As We Approach the End of Term….

As we approach the end of term I thought it useful to remind you of events during our last 2 weeks.

Christmas will look very different to how it usually does. We will, however, still make it a special time for all our children and staff and the following things will be happening in school:

  • Wednesday 9th December – Christmas Assemblies hosted by Reverend Eddie and delivered to all classes via Google Meet.
  • Friday 11th December – A free Christmas Lunch for all children to enjoy in their classrooms.
  • Friday 11th December is also Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children. Children can come to school win their own clothes and wear Christmas jumper if they would like! Any donations for Save the Children will be gratefully accepted and there will be collection buckets at each of the school entry doors if families can make a donation.
  • Week commencing 14th December – Each class will have an outdoor festive experience, including a tree walk looking at all of our dressed trees!
  • Week commencing 14th December – We will be hosting a virtual visit from one of Santa’s special helpers!
  • Week commencing 14th December – Each class will have a Panto afternoon – children will watch a pantomime on the screen in their classrooms
  • Classes will be posting a festive Christmas message on the blog for you to enjoy at home

Finally, we will have an early finish on the last day of term – Friday 18th December. Please collect;

  • Years 5 & 6 at 1pm (any younger siblings can also be collected at this time)
  • Years 3 & 4 at 1.10pm (any younger siblings can also be collected at this time)
  • Year 1 & 2 at 1.20pm (any younger siblings can also be collected at this time)
  • EYFS at 1.25pm

Thank you for your continued support this term, it’s been a challenging one for all of us, but your cooperation and understanding has been really appreciated by us all.

Kind regards, and stay safe!

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Sciences Experiment!

In Science today the children had lots of fun exploring irreversible and reversible changes!

We also have a fantastic explanation about an irreversible change! Watch by clicking the link below!

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Bucket Filling class

I would like to share some of the lovely messages the children wrote to each other this afternoon. Even though we are not together in the classroom we are virtually and the kindness just oozes out of the children in 4Ma!

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SSC Class Tuesday Afternoon

Welcome back everybody!

Here are the activities for this afternoon:

Design Technology

There will be two options for today:

Option One: Design a Smoothie

We will be continuing to complete our design and technology booklet; ‘How to Design and Create a Smoothie’.

Job 1: Watch the video ‘Design A smoothie’ video below.

Complete page 5 of your booklet.

Option 2:  That’s a World Record!

Challenge Box

As we discussed last week, Bowker Vale is a ‘Rights Respecting’ school that promotes children’s rights. Last week, you learned all about children’s rights and identified which rights are the most important to you.

This week we are going to ask the question, do rights apply to everyone?

Watch the learning video and complete the activity below.

You can use the activity sheet template below to create your ‘Rights are for Everyone’ poster, or a plain piece of A4 paper.

Enjoy the rest of your day,

The SSC Team

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SSC Class Tuesday Morning

Good morning everyone and welcome to terrific Tuesday!

Here are the activities for this morning:


Can you remember how to spell the days of the week and the months of the year correctly? Please write them out using capital letters. Please remember that when


Job 1: Handwriting 

Every Tuesday we practise and develop our fine motor skills.

Our handwriting focus for this week are the letters r and v.

Follow the link to watch an example of how each letter is formed:

Practise writing each letter on lined paper or the template below. You should complete at least three lines of each letter.

Which one is your WAGOLL? Can you write five words that include each letter? Practise writing these words in cursive handwriting.

Challenge: Can you write a sentence, in cursive, that includes one of your words?

Job 2: Fine Motor Activities

Option One: Glow in the Dark Galaxy Jars

Alternatively, you can make ‘no mess’ galaxy jars by adding a galaxy picture to your jar. See last Tuesday’s blog post for step by step instructions on how to create a galaxy painting.

Option Two: Fine Motor Challenge Card

Complete one of the fine motor challenge card activities:


Have a great morning everybody, and don’t forget to email your work to the SSC group email.

The SSC Team

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States of Matter Knowledge Organisers

This term in Science we will be learning all about States of Matter. Use this knowledge organiser to support your learning.

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Week 1 and 2 certificates!

4Ma have been working so incidentally hard at home and I am super proud of each and every one of them! Some children have been going above and beyond and received a certificate in week 1 and 2!

Week 1 Certificates

Week 2 Certificates

Keep up the fantastic work 4Ma!!!

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Good Afternoon SSC Class

Hi everyone! Thank you for working so hard today. The SSC team will send you feedback as soon as they have finished teaching in school.


Our focus this half term is on throwing and catching.

Please follow the instructions below to practise your over arm throw:


This half our aim is to be able to introduce ourselves to others. By the end of the half term we should be able to explain the following in French: What our name is, how old we are and in which city we live.

Please practise the French phrases:

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Good Morning SSC Class

Good Morning everyone and welcome to week three of this half term.

If your child is working from home today your resources were given to them on Friday afternoon so you will not need to print anything.

As a reminder here are the activities which we are completing today.


Challenge: Please find three facts about the human brain. Post them on the school blog to share with other children at Bowker Vale.


This half term our class book is the ‘Rhythm of the Rain’.

Job 1: Weather fact or fib?

Job 2: Can you use an online dictionary to find the meaning of the following words?

This link will take you to the resource we used last week:


If your child was in school on Friday they’re resources were printed and sent home.

If your child wasn’t in school on Friday and don’t have the resources, please ask them to complete the following tasks:

Job 1: Their green pen challenge as above

Job 2: Please practise your time tables by clicking on the link below

Have a great morning!

The SSC Team

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Friday’s 1H superstar!

We have had some great work from our class superstar this week, Well done Harry.

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Fantastic Friday work from 1H

What busy day today! The children in year 1H have been doing a counting maths activity and have created some winter art work. They have also made a very healthy fruit salad! Great effort this week 1H. See you all on Monday.

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