Buddy Portrait

Look at this fantastic portrait done by Mariam in Year 5!

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UFO sightig at Bowker Vale Primary School

Yesterday,a UFO had been sited by Bowker Vale teachers and peranse. The techer cort it on camrer as well as seeing it. As the police rushd in the school gats there was dstresing corls of perents. The police told peronts and techers to go insid the school then the police contacted the milittary and the sintet. The UFO was vast said the terifid techer. then the milittary shot it down and the sintests began to tesd it to tessd it to see if it was dandrous. miss pie said I was scerd. what rilley happend, miss pie said when i was coming in te play grawnd, it arived so wd all scremd. Then the sintest said it was dandrous and they must alimnat it.

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Newspaper Report

                                              UFO Rocks Town


On Monday the fourth of June, a colossal UFO hovered over Bowker Vale Primary School (BVPS). A teaching assistant called Miss Webb, spotted the UFO and was stunned by it. Citizens outside of the school were sent into a trauma. Horror spread through Manchester and then the mayor put the town into lockdown: it was chaos.

At 2:30 PM, pupils were stunned in terror by a mind-blowing UFO stopping over their school- Bowker Vale. According to the teachers, pupils had to stay at school for an extra five hours due to Manchester being in lockdown. This ghastly event affected the whole of Manchester because nobody could go anywhere! One pupil said,” It came out of nowhere. What was it? I don’t know.”

After the UFO had been spotted, it caused havoc. Many of the population reported missing people. The UFO was destroying important buildings with what appeared to be a powerful laser. Over forty people were killed by the laser. After witnessing this frightful moment, Blackley’s community, who Bowker Vale Primary School, were terrified.

When police were alerted, they invacuated the area. Police were also told to prepare the city for lockdown. One officer quoted that his troop tried their best to protect Manchester. Police were rushing onto the scene to get people into secure buildings. It is thought that police assisted over two hundred people to safety.

The military had the job of shooting the UFO down. Once they recognized what the ship was made of, they invacuated because they knew that they could not shoot it down. Fifty percent of the soldiers did not make it out of that battle alive because they got killed by the UFO’s laser. Sergeant Nikolas said,” We tried our best, but we didn’t succeed and now some lives have been lost.”

Scientists believe that some alien life form was controlling the UFO. Some scientists are convinced that it was aliens controlling the ship; others believe that the ship was programmed to gt to Earth by some other being. Further investigations are going to be carried out.

The mayor of Manchester said,” Don’t worry. Scientists are investigating what happened.” This will be remembered as a horrific moment in English history. The Air Force are monitoring the sky and are ready for it to return again. 

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Egyptian mummification😀

why did they do mummification ?

the Egyptians did mummification because they believed that one day you will come back to your body and you had to look your best and they believed you had to look your best in the after life too. stylish!👸

step by step to do mummifiction

1.first you need to get a dead body and wash it on a table.

2.next to get the brains out you need to get a long metal hook and put it up its nose and pull it out.

3.after that you open up the abdomen of the body and take all the organs and lungs out but leave your heart because the Egyptian god anubis caame to your body to weigh your heat to see if you had a good life or a bad one.

4.after they but your body in a substance called natron to let your body dry out

5.before they wrap it up they fill you up with herbs and spices

6.finally they wrap it up and put the body in a tomb.

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In the wonders of Narnia

Edmund rambled to the witch’s palace knowing he could die from the horrors of  disobedient behaviour of witch’s. Maurgrim was horrified after knowing someone had stepped in horror


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Useful websites for learning by Zaynap

In my class, my teacher has been sharing some useful websites for us to go on when we go home and practice what we have been learning.I decided that i should share these website with you.Enjoy!


Literacy Shed

This website is perfect to use when you want to practice writing and get better.How it works is you watch a clip about anything and you have to write about what you watched.if you don’t know what to write it has a few suggestion so you could get some ideas.


My Mini math

Not good at math? I have the best website to offer! On there you could practice your math that you have been learning in class. From year 3 to year 6 it has the school curriculum and everything you need to know for the year! Just click on the year your in and pick the subject! The best thing is that it has that for Monday to Friday so each day it get’s harder and harder.



On spellzone you can practice your spelling with games sheet’s ect… What makes this website good is that it’s not teaching the spellings in a boring way, but instead its teaching it in a fun way. If your not sure how to pronounce the word it has a sound button and a voice says the word.


These are all the websites so far. Use these to your advantage and learn!

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The white Wiches Castle

Scene 1                                                                                                                                  Edmund walks into the castle                                                                                                    Edmund: Aaaaah!                                                                                                                     Edmund: Oh its just a statue.

(walking towards the stairs)

Maugrim: Who’s there stand still?

Edmund: its me the son of Adam i came here from an invitation from the queen of Narnia!

Maugrim: Very well stay here i’m going to inform the queen

(Edmund  walking towards the throne and sitting down)

white which : (shouting) How dare you come without siblings!

Edmund: There in the beavers house!

White which: Bring the harness without bells.

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My forest school expeareance

In forest school we have a amazing time we do fun things like making popcorn,playing in the stream.Our teacher throghout forest school was miss Dobson . The best thing is listaning to the birds. We go thogh the rules then we play or do an activatty.


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My Forest School Experience

In forest school,it was a really good experience

Going in the Stream

going in the stream was really fun my favorite part was when i was climbing over the logs what had fell into the river. The most funny part was when i fell into the river.


On The Mudslide

the mudslide was really fun because Me,Mat and Dawid were pushing each other down the Mudslide and all of us got really muddy.

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Ancient Egypt By Umar

Our topic Ancient Egypt has been interesting to learn about because there are many intriguing facts about their life and culture. I enjoyed it, so I hope you enjoy these useful facts.

Ancient Egyptians were more modern than you think. When we were living in caves, they were living in mud houses and clay houses. Did you know Egyptians had over 2000 gods? When they mummified people, they would remove their organs and the the organs would be preserved in canopic  jars. The only thing that wouldn’t be removed was the  heart as the Egyptians believed the heart would be weighed  in the hall of death by Anubis to determine whether you were god or bad. The River Nile, which is approximately 4160 miles long, flooded once a year and left behind a special mineral called silt. This would help them grow crops to live on.

As the Egyptians built the iconic pyramids, they used the stars to mark out the base of the Pyramid so they could bury the kings. Kings were also known as a living Horus.




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