Matilda the musical

I really exited to share my matilda experience it has only just started but hopefully i will be back in school soon!! If you have any questions just comment on my post.Here on the tour it is very fun and i have made alot of friends including the adults.we are in leicester at the moment but very soon in about a week i will be doing the week on week of contract,so this means i will be in one week then go again.The rehearsal period is very long but now we are doing shows it goes really fast.In fact i have a show today !Hopefully you can come see me soon not in leicester because that is really far away but maybe in biringham the last venue for me.                                                                  XXX CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS XXX(love louella)

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4B’s trip to the Police Museum

A fabulous trip to the Police Museum rounded off our Crime and Punishment topic perfectly.

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Science investigating gravity

This afternoon, year 5W have been investigating gravity in their science lesson. We learnt about what gravity is and investigated the question: does weight affect the speed of gravity? We had fun investigating with paper clips and other classroom objects. 

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New Day

Day 1 i was in the car for about 2 hours i arrived in bermin and i was so tiyerd.Me my sister and my dad put my flufy cat in one roon because he can be carm then we did the fire place and put the beds we could’n fit the bed upsters so we all slept on a big bed also we wached ant man we had no heating so thats why we did the fire place.

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The magnificent beast !

Upon a rock in Thailand , stud a huge beast that had red , poisonous spines running down his hairy back . His head was ginormous and he had eyes as red as blood and a demon like grin. everyone thought he was a myth until today … It was a normal day down in the cold ice filled village but something seemed strange, a dark cloud or what was thought to be a cloud flew over the icy village everyone was shocked at the sight of this magnificent beast ! They fled into their homes and hid hoping the beast wouldn’t find them . The beast swung its powerful tail and all of the homes collapsed … They we’re still hiding but they didn’t know that he could see them all he wanted was some friends but nobody wanted him around and the other beasts left him out that made him feel miserable and left out ( nobody liked him ) . But one day the beast was face to face with someone he didn’t know and he announced ” ROAR please can we be friends i have nobody to play and have fun with .” 

sure that’s what i came here for everyone leaves me out because i have spines and they bully me .”said the crocodile 

and they were best friends forever . 

                                                              THE END     

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Wait So Whats Tech?

In 1 day i learned all about Tech. Tech is short for Technology.

I Learned About:


Syskey (still learning)







Malware Means malicious Software like viruses

Spyware is a logger that sees your screen and can see what your writing. It might be reading this!

Adware is harmless. but it is very annoying with tons of advertisement pop ups.

Ransomware encrypts your computer and charges you bitcoin to get it back.

These are all Viruses.

Keylogger reads what you type.

Cmd is a software where you input commands into your computer like scratch.

Also look in the top corner of this website. do you see the URL. Next to that should be a lock saying secure. That Means the site is safe and the owners have paid to run the site. not secure means its either not safe or the owner is not paying to make it.

So Got To Go. Happy CMD’ing

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The Miracle dragon

Do you know how rare the Miracle dragon is?

It is so rare that it has to live on a rainbow! if you could get the chance to get a glance of the dragon, you will be extremely  lucky, so you have to start looking for rainbows.

Do you know how beautiful the dragon is?

It is so beautiful, that if you try to get close you will be put into a deep slumber[sleep].Additionally, it has light blur eyes, so if you stare into its eyes for bout 5 seconds, you will be able to train it, but if you  don’t stare into its eyes for more than 5 seconds and try to train it you will be put into a slumber.Also it can grow up to 3 foot long.

It has a crazy habitat.

Surprisingly, it lives on a rainbow because it is so rare. If it is allergic to the rainbow it will turn to a common dragon[which you can find a lot].

The dragon has a crazy diet.

It eats anything juicy and and skittles. It mainly eats skittles though. If it is allergic to skittles it will have to eat fruit: apples, bananas and oranges. it has to eat juicy food or it will turn into a common dragon.

It is a truly amazing dragon and you will be one of the luckiest people alive.

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The Tripled Fingered Dragon !

A Triple Fingered Dragon is a dragon that is barely spotted by the public .If you see one will you be able to recognize it?The Triple Fingered Dragon is light blue all around,except for it’s wings, the dragon’s wings are dark blue, it has got thick scales which are also dark blue.Most of the times, the Triple Fingered Dragon sometimes live near ice because they need to camouflage ,so that it can hunt for it’s food .They live in cold places such as , Alaska or Antarctica.The Triple Fingered Dragon normally eats fish , but if they are on a diet ,they would eat Dolphins .They eat three times a day and they eat 5 fish each time .The Triple Fingered Dragon,approximately live from 5 years to 6 years .This dragon has some amazing facts such as, this dragon is scared of cats and birds.The vikings were the fist owners to have this dragon,they  fought in battles with this and won every time.This dragon is one of the toughest dragons ever to be made.

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Non-Chronological report of Ninja Wings!

Ninja Wings

Ninja Wings is one of a kind. He is frighting, but cool. It’s extra ordinary because it’s got a stealth mode.

Ninja Wings looks amazing. He has smooth, black scales with hints of red dotted around. However, his teeth are razor, sharp blades on each side of his mouth. He flies around with his majestic wings. Shockingly, it’s only medium sized. Gliding through the air, Ninja Wings uses his swift tail to pounce on his prey. Rarely, he shows his jagged blades on each side of his wings. Typically, they have eyes blacker than the night having a dull day. Where would they live to protect themselves?

It lives in Ninja Cave, which is near the Pacific Ocean. As it comes out at night, it’s feared across the land. Dragon Martial Arts is teached at the Ninja Cave for defence against predators. In the cave, there are relatives from across the world. As it’s near the sea, it has millions of fish to eat.

His diet is extra ordinary. Ninja Wings eats a lot of fish, but hates going into the sea! If he ever needs a small snack, then he eats mice. Would you ever see Ninja Wings eat a mouse? Big fisherman are a scrumptious meal for this dragon.

There are a lot of weird things about this dragon – weird, yet interesting. Surprisingly, dragons hate eels, which is peculiar because eels live in the sea like fish and they eat them. This particular dragon is also allergic to unicorns. Ninja Wings’s blades on his skin barely ever show, but when he gets angry you’ll see them. Only five species have been spotted and three have been captured.

Ninja Wings can turn people to stone and they travel at nine hundred and ninety nine million, nine hundred and ninety nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine. It’s an honour to own one.

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The Mystery Move For Manchester United!

Well I’m sure by know you’ve all heard about the world class player coming to Manchester United. If you didn’t know I will tell you, it’s only Alexis Sanchez! This player can dribble around Sergio Ramos and score versus Buffon. He is so good. Everybody knows that he’s better than one rubbish player, mentioning no names SADIO MANE. Now you know Alexis Sanchez is amazing!

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