Column Subtraction

We have been using diennes and pictures of diennes to help us to understand column subtraction.  The resources really helped us to understand how to exchange!

Here’s Bahar and Kainat’s example.


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My Favourite Thing This Week

It’s been another super week at BV! Lots of children have been talking about anti-bullying week and we have been reminded about our posters around school – is it rude, is it mean or is it bullying?

My favourite thing this week though, has been the videos Mrs Cooke has shared of our deer in the Narnia Forest School site! I think we are the luckiest school in the country to have a Forest School site actually in a real forest AND that we have at least 3 deer who regularly visit us there!

Look out on the website (Curriculum – Forest Schools) and the screen in our entrance for the clips! Here’s a quick preview snap!

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Forest schools

2K had a great time at Forest Schools on Wednesday. We explored the forest, climbed trees and even spotted some ducks in the river! We can’t wait for our next session.

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4DT Spelling Challenge Curriculum WAGOLL

Fantastic ‘fact and fib’ finding by Awab.

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4DT Reading Challenge Curriculum WAGOLL

Superb scanning skills by Ayah and Priya.

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4DT Maths Challenge Curriculum WAGOLL

Fantastic column addition by Aliza.

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Anti Bullying Week

This week we have been discussing the issues around bullying in all forms.  Linking with our work in Growing and Changing around positive relationships, 5H enjoyed creating their own Friendship bracelets and swapping them with their friends.

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Remembrance Day

Year 5’s homework this week was to find out about Rememberance Day. The children can be as creative as they like. Ali (in 5W) created a wreath for his homework using recycled egg cartons and leaves from the environment. What an amazing piece of homework! Well done Ali.

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All About My Dog Nelly…..

Her name is Nelly,

She is Golden Retriever puppy,

She is 11 weeks old,

She loves to play she is really hyper and energetic,

If a guest comes into the house she would greet them by jumping on them or trying to catch their attention,

She is the cutest dog on earth,

she barks when she wants to go downstairs,

She always chews everything that’s small or whatever she finds, sometimes we need to take it out of her mouth so she doesn’t swallow it,

She is so adorable and she the best gift in my life…..



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The enchanted forest!

As dawn casts, a ray of vibrant,vivid colours beam through the enchanted,mystic forest. As the birds sing in harmony, two girls pass humming a cheerful tune. One of the euphoric girls gawped at the beautiful,vivid rainbow. One girl shouted “wow,look at the vivid,rare rainbow!” The other girl mocked  “what,never seen a rainbow before!” A few moments later, the wind started to pick up pace…


The the brown,lifeless trees swayed as if they were flung left,right and centre. The two girls were getting cold and chilly.  Behind  the bright,vivid  ray of colours there was a lifeless figure. Was it a demon?


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